Sunday, 19 April 2015

Sunday Stamping - Neon Rainbow Roses

Hey there!  This week's Sunday stamping challenge was a tough one for me but I ended up loving it and wearing this mani for two whole days this week.  The theme this week is "flowers is unusual/unnatural colors" which was tough for me because I couldn't think of any colors that flowers didn't come in.  So I hit up Google and this is what I came up with....neon rainbow roses.

When I was trying to think of what colors I could make the flowers I thought of neon and then sparkly and then when I googled "weird coloured flowers" this image came up which combined both of my ideas.  Aren't these dyed roses gorgeous?

image source
I didn't have time to make decals to truly recreate the above image so instead I painted little rainbows on all my nails (over a white base) with the neon jelly holo's from Beyond The Nail.  I bought these last September and still hadn't used them (shame on me!) so I figured it was about time I showed these Canadian indies some love.

The polishes used in the rainbow all have space names (which I think is super cool).  They are called: Nebula (purple), Asteroid (blue), Comet (green), Shooting Star (yellow), Solar Flare (orange) and Supernova (pink).

For the stamping, I used this negative space rose image from UberChic Beauty 1-02 (previously reviewed here) and Mundo de Unas Black and then finished with HK Girl.  The above photo was in direct artificial light to get the holo to pop a bit more and the below photos are in my light box.

I don't think I'll ever get tired of rainbow nails.  And I love how easy they are using jelly polishes.  Plus it's way cleaner than doing a gradient!

'Til next time...