Friday, 3 April 2015

Lace Nail Stamping Over Gradient

Hey there!  I've been wanting to do a purple/black gradient since I saw this dress on Pinterest.  But gradients with black at the cuticle side of things can be hard to clean up.  At least they were before the discovery of latex/masking fluid products to help in clean up.  So I bit the bullet last weekend and did the gradient.  Then, because I like messing with things, I stamped some lace and made them matte and really liked the final look.  I liked it so much that I took about a million photos so prepare yourself for a photo-heavy post.  

I wanted a good contrast with the black so I started with a pretty bright raspberry/purple color, OPI's Casino Royale.  This one is good at one coat but I used two coats here.

For the gradient I used a really dark purple (OPI Lincoln Park After Dark) and black (OPI Black Onyx). I was in the middle of my gradient last Saturday when Earth Hour hit so this, including clean up, was done in minimal light.  I did try to clean up a bit better once I turned the light back on but it was too late for some parts.  And I apologize for the photo quality here.  It's so out of focus that it looks like I took it blindly. 

Over the gradient, I added some lace stamping from Born Pretty BP-44 with Mundo de Unas Dark Grey (#34) and made it shiny with HK Girl top coat.  

Lastly, something called out for me to matte this with OPI's matte top coat.  As usual I can't tell if I like shiny or matte better.  

Overall these turned out nothing like the original inspiration but I loved them.  Sometimes messing with things turns out well!

Enjoy your holiday weekend!

'Til next time...

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