Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Water Marble Nails with B Squared Lacquer's EDM Collex

Hey there!  On Monday I posted swatches of the latest collection from B Squared Lacquer, the EDM Collex.  Of course, before I even swatched them, I wanted to see if they could marble.  I had problems with them spreading at first but, after a good shake, they did indeed marble!

There's really not too much to say about these but I took SO many photos that I wanted to show them off.  I did use a white base so these colors do pop even more than my swatches did.  I got bubbles in a couple of the nails but I had already redone those two so I wasn't willing to do them a third time.  

In case you hadn't look at the swatches of these polishes, the colors used for these are B Squared Lacquer Down Tempo (purple), Kandi (fuchsia), Plur (teal), Rave (yellow), The Drop (green) and Trance (peach).  I finished with HK Girl top coat for shine.

I deliberately did these last week the night before I knew I was going to have three busy days in a row so I could keep wearing them.  Good thing they worked out!  They're like a psychedelic trip eh?

I even took a pic of my Cinderella hand, despite it having two broken nubbin nails because they turned out even better than my left hand did.  I love how my pinky nail looks!  

'Til next time...

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