Monday, April 27, 2015

B Squared Lacquer EDM Collex Swatches

Nothing to Disclose

Hey there!  I don't normally buy whole collections but it seems like, with the awesome neon collections coming out lately, that I just can't help myself.  I'm one of many people dying for the Pipedream Polish ANIV neons but it seems I'm just not on the ball enough to be able to snag those.  But I did get my grabby hands on the new B Squared Lacquer EDM Collex and I swatched them this weekend to post for those of you that may not have seen them yet.

As usual my camera didn't play really nice with the neons so it took a bit of color correction to get the color of these polishes accurate.  But I think in the end, these are fairly accurate representations of the colors in the collection.  All my swatches here are without top coat so you can see the slightly matte finish that some of them dry to.  I didn't use white undies here because I wanted to show them in their natural state but if you did add a coat of white underneath the color would pop even more!

Down Tempo - a blurple (bluefish purple) creme that dries to a waxy finish.  The formula on Down Tempo was fantastic, nice and creamy.  This is two coats.

Kandi - A bright fuchsia creme with another amazing creamy formula.  It photographed pinker and lighter than it is in real life but I think these photos are color accurate.  This is two coats.  

Plur - a neon teal creme.  I had some slight problems with the formula.  I found it hard to level out because it was pretty thick.  Maybe adding a bit of thinner would help or just adding a top coat.  That being said, my sister didn't have the same problems so she has claimed this one as her own.  This is two coats.

Rave - a BRIGHT highlighter yellow creme.  As with many yellows, the formula was fairly streaky.  For this one I would recommend a white undie just to avoid the streakiness that can occur with using numerous coats.  I used four coats to eliminate all VNL.  Rave also dries to a quite matte finish so if you like shiny top coat is a must. 

The Drop - I would describe this one as a dark mint green creme.  The first coat of The Drop seemed thin but two coats gave me good coverage.  However after taking photos at two coats I could still see a tiny bit of my nail line so I added a third coat for complete coverage so these photos have three coats.

Trance - easily my favourite of the bunch.  I've had this one on my toes since I got my order.  Trance is a neon peachy orange creme, in the realm of Flip Flop Fantasy.  The formula is fantastic, nice and creamy without any application issues.  This is two coats.  

If anyone is curious if the polishes in this collection watermarble, stay tuned because I just might be showing that later this week ;-)

This collection was just restocked on the B Squared Lacquer website so get it now while you can.  They are $9.50 for a 15 mL full sized bottle or $5.75 for an 8 mL mini.  Or you could do what I did and buy the entire collection for $55.

'Til next time...

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