Friday, 27 March 2015

#WearYellowForSeth Nails

Hey there!  Today's post is for a little boy named Seth that you've probably heard of.  Seth Lane is a 5 year old boy in the UK who is living with Severe Combined Immunodeficiency, meaning he has no immune system and has to undergo a second bone marrow transplant.  If you'd like to read his story, his parents have been documenting his journey online here and a couple of weeks ago they posted a video of him asking everyone to join in wearing yellow (his favourite color) on March 27th.  That's today so I'm donning some glow in the dark yellow nail polish today, along with the only yellow shirt I own, just for him.  Every kid loves things that glow in the dark, right? 

The yellow I picked is Serum No. 5 Solar Power.  It took a few coats to get it opaque but it was well worth it.  

And then, to let him know I'm sending him happy thoughts, I added the smiley faces from Bundle Monster BM-304 with Mundo de Unas Blue (#4).

So Seth, I'm wishing you all good things.  Good luck on your surgery!  

If anyone would like to learn more about Severe Combined Immunodeficiency, you can read all about it here.  Links to foundations accepting donations can be found here.

'Til next time...

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