Sunday, 22 March 2015

Sunday Stamping - Purple & Orange

Hey there!  How's everybody's first weekend of spring going?  Mine came with lots and lots of snow and a really long walk to help my friend drop off his political flyers...followed by not getting off my couch for the next 36 hours, haha!  But today's nails don't fit with my snowy environment at all.  This week's Sunday challenge theme is "purple & orange" so I came up with this bright mani.

For the base I used two coats of Misa Lovelist of Lilacs which really is a lovely purple.  Creamy, perfect formula.  I might have to look into getting more of these polishes.

Then, because I knew my stamping was going to be orange, I thought I'd pick a super fun pattern from Dashica Infinity -14.  The stamping polish is Mundo de Unas Geranium.  It didn't photograph quite as bright as it was in real life so I had to try to color correct a bit.  Then it was finished with a coat of HK Girl.

'Til next time...