Tuesday, 10 March 2015

The Digit-al Dozen does Nature: Day 2 Butterfly Nail Stamping

Hey there!  For the second day of The Digit-al Dozen's Nature week, I couldn't resist doing one of my favorite nail inspirations...butterflies!  I think I like butterfly mani's so much because you can make butterflies any color and they always look pretty, just like real butterflies in nature!

These were inspired by a really pretty butterfly mani I saw in the stamping group from Sylvia, esmalterapia4me on Instagram....seriously go follow her. Her stamping manis are to die for.  In her mani she had a butterfly split between two nails so I wanted to try something similar with the wing images from MoYou London Kitty -12.  I made them into decals with some sparkly polishes, along with some little butterflies from MoYou London Kitty -01.

The gold I used here is OPI Goldeneye (underlaid with Mentality Shirin for opacity in the decals).  The blue glitter is Pretty Serious Crystal Lake (underlaid with Zoya Robyn in the decals).  All topped with HK Girl top coat.  

I absolutely loved wearing these sparkly nails.  I wore them for days and days.  Possibly because I hate removing glitter, by any method out there, haha!  

See the links below to see what the other Digit-al Dozen ladies have done for Day 2 of Nature Week!

'Til next time...

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