Friday, 20 March 2015

Leadlighting with Esmaltes da Kelly Soft Soap Bubbles

Hey there!  In case you're not aware, I adore sheer polishes for leadlighting.  I love the 10.1 Polish Icing collection, the Loaded Lacquer Jiggles and, more recently, I fell in love with the Esmaltes da Kelly Soap Bubbles collection.  So when I saw Esmaltes da Kelly had released neon Soap Bubbles AND Soft Soap Bubbles (a toned-down version of the original Soap Bubbles), of course I bought them both (sorry, wallet).  Today's mani is the first one I've done with the soft ones, using my new favourite plates from UberChic Beauty. 

Since I really wanted to keep the soft look for this, I used a jelly white as a base instead of a super opaque white.  The white I used is Loaded Lacquer Coconut (from the Jiggles collection that I already mentioned).  It took 3 coats to reach this opacity.  I love the squishy look of it.  

For the stamping I used Mundo de Unas Black and UberChic Beauty 1-02 (previously reviewed here).  Since I wanted to mirror the images, I used this neat-o tutorial from Wacky Laki for my ring fingers.  It took a few tries to get it to transfer but it worked.  Unfortunately a few of my fine lines pulled a bit when I was stamping (mostly on my middle finger) so they ended up a bit wonky but still a pretty image.  

And lastly I leadlighted with Esmaltes da Kelly Soft Laranja (orange), Rosa (pink), Roxo (purple) and Azul (blue).  So I even got to learn some some color words in Portuguese!  I finished with a coat of HK Girl.

I love how spring-like these turned out.  They'd be perfect for the first day of spring today even if we did get a new pile of snow last night and are expecting more this weekend.  I knew not to be fooled into thinking we were done with winter!  

'Til next time...

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