Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Superficially Colorful Sham-Rockin' Collection

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Hey there!  Today I have the latest collection from Superficially Colorful, the Sham-Rockin' Collection.  What with St. Patrick's Day just around the corner, these polishes are all suited for the holiday but are most definitely wearable year-round.  The names might seem a bit oddball at first but there is an explanation - they're all based on Irish slang!  There's a little bit of everything in this collection from holos to glitters to jellies.  Follow the jump to see swatches of these four colors and to read the explanation of their funny names.

Acting The Maggot - A medium green jelly filled with tiny glitter.  At first I thought this was a mix of holo and turquoise glitter but the glitter is all turquoise holographic but it's the layers of jelly over the glitter that makes this so multi-dimensional, giving the glitter different looks.

This is three coats plus top coat.  Be sure to wrap your tips if visible nail bothers you.

Definition of the term: Playing the fool, acting annoyingly stupid 

Boxing The Fox - This one is my personal favourite of the collection.  I would describe it as somewhere between a mint green and silver subtle holographic polish, a perfect color for spring!  Application-wise, I found it dragged a tiny bit on the first coat if I brushed the same area too many times but that was fully eliminated with the second coat.

This is two coats plus top coat.

Definition of the term: Robbing an orchard.

Stouting - A dark green holographic polish.  Who doesn't love a dark green holo?  The second photo is in direct light so you can see the holo but it shows up even in the lightbox.

This is two coats plus top coat but I think you could almost get away with one.

Definition of the term: the action of drinking Stout (a term that covers the range of drinks such as Guinness, Beamish, Murphys…) and getting very drunk.

Stop The Lights! - A golden-green flakie shimmery base with a couple of sizes of kelly green glitter that can be worn on its own or as a topper. I had to try this one a few different ways.  First I have four coats alone plus top coat.  Four coats might sound like a lot but look at how sparkly it is!  I think on its own was my favourite way to wear it.

Definition of the term: An expression of incredulity or astonishment. 

Next I have one coat of Stop The Lights! over Boxing The Fox.  I liked this combination.  It looks so spring-like!

Lastly I tried one coat of Stop The Lights! over Stouting.  The glitter looks more subtle but this combination really shows off the golden shimmer.

While I was swatching this collection on the weekend, I couldn't resist doing a bit of seasonal stamping over some of the polishes so I'll try to post them tomorrow, in case anyone needs a couple of easy peasy St. Patrick's Day stamping ideas.  

The Sham-Rockin' Collection is currently available on the Superficially Colorful Lacquer website  for $33 for the entire collection or for $9 for each individual polish.  Superficially Colorful Lacquer polishes are all handmade and 5-free.  Follow on Facebook or Instagram for the latest news!

'Til next time...

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