Sunday, 16 November 2014

Sunday Stamping - Leadlight Technique

Hey there!  Wow, I have not been up to writing lately.  Writing has always been the hardest part of blogging for me and it seems particularly bad lately.  It's as though my head is out of words...which is funny because my head never shuts up.  Anyways, because of this lack of words, I have a later-than-planned Sunday Stamping post tonight.  This week's theme was the Leadlight Technique.  I love lead lighting so I thought I'd use the opportunity to show what I actually wore on my nails this past Tuesday on Remembrance Day. 

I had actually first used this polish (Lacquistry Amazeballs: You So Extra Fine!) and this stamping image for the 31 Day Challenge for the glitter theme but my sister pointed out that the polish isn't actually glitter so she told me I couldn't use it.  So I held onto the pics to post later but then decided start from scratch.  This is two coats of Lacquistry Amazeballs (the extra fine version).  My sister was right.  It's not glitter.  It's super fine metal particles that results in insanely shiny nails.  It's not quite silver.  It's leans a bit to the champagne side of silver.  That might not be the best description but either way, it's very cool!

For the stamping, I used Winston W-04.  I didn't picture these flowers as poppies at all until I leadlighted them with red for this.  Originally I had done pink/blue/purple so they looked more like Hawaiian flowers.  But here I used Loaded Lacquer Mango (orange) and Watermelon (red) and they looked like poppies.

I really like the leadlight technique but I almost always do it over white.  I'm definitely going to start using it over metallics/other colors more often because I really like the effect it creates.  Plus, I like shiny nails :-)

'Til next time...

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