Friday, November 7, 2014

Celestial Cosmetics Bon Temps Collection Swatches

Press  Sample

Hey there!  I have a brand new collection to share with you guys today.  The Bon Temps collection is a collaborative effort between the Australian indie brand, Celestial Cosmetics, and the U.S. distributor Color4Nails that is based on one of my all-time favorite TV Shows, True Blood.  I do love the collaborations between these two companies.  First there was the Seven Kingdoms collection then the Electric You collection and now this collection of shimmery, vampy polishes that is perfect fall and winter.

I'll admit that when I first received this collection was that my first thought was that they were all very similar.  But I'm woman enough to admit when I'm wrong.  They all have a blacked jelly base but once applied, their shimmers are so strong that they are clearly each unique.  

For all of these swatches I applied 2 easy coats.  I've never had any problems with any Celestial Cosmetics formulas and these ones are no exception.  I'll be describing these colors as I noted when I swatched them.  I noticed that the Celestial Cosmetics website describes their color shifts with more variety than I observed and, since I am in scientist in real life, I can only report on my personal observations ;-)

Sparks Fly Out - teal/turquoise shimmer with a purple color shift.  This one was my personal favourite.  I'm a sucker for teal/purple color shifters.  

Release Me - mainly an olive green with a strong golden shift and platinum flakes. This was another favourite of mine which was a bit shocking since I'm not generally drawn to greens.

Death Is Not The End - royal blue shimmer with purple shift.  The blue in this one is much more blue than in Sparks Fly Out.  

Soul Of Fire - purple shimmer with a slight golden shift.  This one also has platinum silver flakes in it but they aren't as noticeable as in Night On The Sun or The First Taste.

Night On The Sun - another green but more towards emerald green than olive (like Release Me).  The golden shift here isn't as strong as in Release Me but the silver platinum flakes are very visible.

The First Taste - navy blue with purple shift and platinum silver flakes.  Like in Night On The Sun, the flakes are very apparent.

Once released, this collection will be available on the Color4Nails website.  You can also follow on Facebook and Instagram for updates about this and other polishes they carry.

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