Saturday, November 1, 2014

Lacy Sugar Skull Nail Stamping

Hey there!  11 pm on a Saturday and I'm a bit bored so I thought I'd post these sugar skull nails I did with one of the new MoYou London Gothic plates.  I did some reverse leadlighting with the 10.1 Polish Icing collection so add some color to the final look.

I used A England Camelot as the black base for these.  For the stamping I used Mundo de Unas White  and two images from MoYou London Gothic -05, the lacy skull and one of the lacy patterns.  Even though this plate has the regular sized images, not the XL ones, that skull still barely fits on my nails so it ended up looking like less of a skull than the full image does.  

The reverse leadlighting was done using the 10.1 Polish Icing collection (the entire collection except for the orange, white and black).  Man, do I love that collection.  I use it almost anytime I want to do the leadlighting technique.  That was one purchase I definitely can't regret!

Since the leadlighting made the skull look even less like a skull, I added a couple of flower studs to the eye sockets.  Don't they look cute?

Well that's all for tonight.  I guess I'll go back to watching The Great Gatsby and see if I can find the motivation to edit some photos.  Nah, I'd way rather do my nails than edit the pics so maybe I'll do that instead.  

'Til next time...

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