Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Remembrance Day Nails

Hey there!  It is just past 11 am here on Remembrance Day here so I thought now would be an appropriate time to post this poppy nail stamping I did yesterday.  I'm unsure of what happens elsewhere in the world but in Canada we observe two minutes of silence at 11 am to commemorate the end of World War I.  We also wear these poppies as a symbol of remembrance for those who have served.

The polish I used here in Esmaltes da Kelly Salvatore, a red jelly with red and black glitter.  This is two coats plus HK Girl.

I was very happy to find this poppy image on MoYou London Kitty-02 because I didn't feel like I would be able to do the poppy justice this year by freehand.  I stamped it with MDU Black and used leadlighting to fill it with slightly thinned Salvatore.  I added a small dot of Sally Hansen Lightening for the centre of the poppy.

I've noticed fewer people seem to be wearing poppies than I remember in the past.  I normally wouldn't comment on something potentially political like this but I think it's sad.  No matter what my ideological views are I feel it's worthwhile to honour the people who have kept us safe and free.  

Lest we forget. 

'Til next time...

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