Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Winter Wonderland Nail Art

Hey there!  My city has been absolutely slammed with snow lately!  We got 50-55 cm (20-22 inches) last week alone.  To put that in perspective, our average annual snowfall is 124 cm so that much in a week was a bit much.  But, in an effort to see the bright side of things, I took a little walk with my camera that inspired today's nail art.

I started with a base of Picture Polish Sky.  It really is the perfect sky color.  This was three coats.  Two would have been fine but I'm impatient and didn't wait long enough between coats so I had some bald patches around my cuticles.

Picture Polish Sky

Then to add a subtle snowy effect I added one coat of Indigo Bananas Chill Out.  It's a neat topper composed of tiny white and iridescent glitters.

Indigo Bananas Chill Out over Picture Polish Sky

Then I painted the bottom half of my nail with Pure Ice Superstar! and got to work with acrylic paint for the trees.

Hopefully you can tell the little thing on my index finger is a bird.  It's supposed to be a bald eagle.  Why on earth would I add a random bald eagle to my winter nail art, you might ask.  It's because I actually saw a bald eagle on my jaunt which isn't something I see everyday so I had to add him/her.

I hope the bald eagle wasn't stalking these two geese I saw on the river.  The geese should be gone south by now so I hope they didn't miss their ride home.  Don't their feet leave cute tracks in the snow?

What's the weather like where you guys live?  As snowy as this?  

'Til next time...

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