Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Dragon Nail Art - Part 2

Hey there!  As promised, I have the second of two dragon looks that I wore last week.  For this one, I used a polish that comes from a collaboration between Celestial Cosmetics and Color4Nails, Mother of Dragons.  With a name like that, of course I had to add some dragons!

I've read Mother of Dragons described as a red-gold duochrome but, at least on me, the primary colour was definitely more of a dark pink.  I would describe it as a near-metallic magenta with a golden red shift.  The color shift wasn't super noticeable but you can see it at the edges in some of my photos.  This is two coats plus top coat.  

I added some dragons from Messy Mansion plate MM21 using either Maybelline Bold Gold or Essie Good as Gold (I honestly can't remember, sorry!).  

I love that Celestial Cosmetics and Color4Nails did a Seven Kingdoms collection.  I picked up this one and one other (Jaqen H'ghar...I can barely spell that while looking it up.  Definitely don't ask me to say it).  Is it just me or does everyone love collections based on TV shows?  Maybe I just need to get off my couch a little more frequently....

'Til next time...

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