Sunday, November 17, 2013

Candy Nail Polish Review

Hey there!  Today I want to show you guys a brand new Canadian indie brand from Montreal, Quebec that I came across on Instagram.  Since I'm all for supporting indies and Canadian business I got in touch with the creator of Candy Nail, Kim,  about placing an order.  Here's what I received on Friday...

I have to say this is one of the most fun purchasing experiences I've had.  I was set on Applesauce (red and black...the magic combo for me) but other than that I asked her to just send whatever she felt like and I wasn't disappointed.

I'll start with my favorite.  Applesauce is a dark red jelly with fine gold glitter and small gold and black glitter however I wasn't able to pick up any of the small gold glitter on my brush.  Of the five I received, this one was the most sheer.  Here I'm showing 4 thin coats plus top coat.  

Strawberry Smoothie is a light pink crelly with tiny red and holo gold glitter.  I was surprised at how much I liked this one.  The base was opaque enough that I only needed two coats but jelly enough that the glitter still showed through.

Strawberry Pie is a bright coral crelly, but more jelly-ish than Strawberry Smoothie.  It had tiny black, small gold and larger red (though they look pink with the color of the base) glitter.  The best thing was that this color actually photographed properly.  That never happens with neon coloured polishes!  Even with the sheerer base, this was only two coats plus top coat.

Blue Poppy Seed has a similar formula to Strawberry Smoothie.  It's a cornflower blue cruelly with tiny black glitter.  This is three coats plus top coat.  

Lastly, here is Blueberry Jam.  I have to say this was my least favorite.  It's a blue jelly with multi-colored glitters.  From what I can see there's red, light green, silver and gold hexes and squares.  Coverage was good, two coats plus top coat.  The problem was that this one stained like crazy.  That's partly my fault because I wasn't wearing a base coat for the swatches but within half an hour of wearing it, upon removal my nails looked like dead Smurfs.    

Overall I was really impressed with this brand.  I think Kim from Candy Nail has done a great job.  All her polishes are 3-free and the glitter spread perfectly with all of these polishes and the glitter payoff was great.  Sometimes I'll see glitter bunch up as I'm applying it but that didn't happen with these polishes.  The only concern I had was the staining I saw with Blueberry Jam.  Luckily Lab Muffin posted about the best methods of removing the darn teal stains here so I didn't have any problems removing the stains.  When I informed Kim about the staining she quickly replied that she's going to look into revising the formula.    

If you're interested in purchasing any of these polishes yourself, you can buy them from her website

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