Thursday, 14 February 2019

My Valentine's Day Nails with Polished For Days New Years Duo Swatches

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Hey there!  A couple weeks ago I reviewed the Maniology Sassy & Sweet Valentine's Day Bundle (you can see that here if you missed it) and I said that I will have failed at life if I didn't use the "Single AF" image for my real life Valentine's Day nails.  Well guess that I did!  That's right, I kept my promise to myself.  I'm calling these anti-Valentine's Day nails but honestly, I'm not anti V-Day at all.  I'm single but that doesn't mean I have to be bothered by the love-y holiday.  I have lots of love in my life, just not really the romantic kind.  So I'm planning on spending the night with my bestie eating Edmonton's best fried chicken and probably watching some sort of crime show.  Now tell me that doesn't sound like a great way to spend February 14th...  Oh and if this plate strikes your fancy, use the code COPY10 to save 10% on it, even if you have to save it for next year, though I personally think plenty of the images on it are not holiday-specific.

I purchased the Polished For Days New Years Duo from Harlow & Co. as soon as it became available.  They were sitting around waiting to be used and I thought they'd make a great pair for this mani.  I actually wore 2019 on its own the first two days of this week and then took it off and reapplied to do these.  They're really pretty and still available to purchase (2019 is sold out on Harlow but they're both still available on the Polished For Days website) so I thought I could share some swatches as well.


2019 is a glow-y light purple with a strong pink shimmer.  Polished For Days describes it as pink-gold-green iridescent microflakes.  I wouldn't have thought that's the magic in there unless I saw the macro photo.  You can see that they really are tiny little flakes.  Whatever is in there, I love this polish.  I used 3 coats for my swatch photos but when I redid them I only used two coats and it was opaque.  


Sparkler is the more "busy" polish.  It's a navy jelly base with tons of green-orange iridescent and holo flakies.  The whole shebang together gives a more purple end result so I'm putting it with my purple polishes, not my blues.  The application was easy, despite being packed with flakies.  This is two thickish coats plus top coat.  

Now onto the nail art.  This plate is Maniology's M045.  I received it in a bundle but it's available on its own as well (for only $6...and 10% off that if you use COPY10).  I used two coats of 2019 or Sparkler on my nails and then did reverse stamping with Mundo de Unas White and filled them with the opposite polish.  

Using Sparkler for reverse stamping ended up making the heart-shaped lollipops pretty thick.  If I hadn't top coated I totally could've used these for The Digit-al Dozen's Textured Week.  At first I used glossy top coat but in the end I finished with Tonic's Liquid Velvet top coat.  

Since the text in the teddy bear isn't very visible in my photos, here's a close up.  Isn't it cute?!  

So now you see what I've got on my nails today.  That rarely happens since I'm normally a super slacker when it comes to getting my photos onto my computer and cropping them.  I was so on the ball this time.

Hope everyone has a swell Valentine's Day, whoever you choose to spend it with!  

'Til next time...

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  1. I particularly love the way the lollipops look like they are floating above the pink layer.