Thursday, 28 February 2019

Kokie Cosmetics Nail Polish Swatches and Review

Press  Sample

Hey there!  Today I have swatches of some Kokie Cosmetics polishes.  I don't think Kokie releases collections so this is just a random selection of polishes.  I've reviewed polishes for them before and have always been pleasantly surprised.  Their cremes have ended up in quite a few nail art looks for me.  I like the formula and opacity a lot!  Today I have 4 cremes, a glitter and a metallic polish to look at.  The cremes are still my favourites but the others are nice too!  And, since I couldn't resist, I threw together a quick drip marble as well.  I love how it turned out!

Color: Multi-size silver, purple, blue microglitter and large silver glitter in a slightly light purple base
Application: Easy with even glitter spread
Coats: 3 plus top coat
Notes: larger silver glitter were mostly stuck to the bottle so I couldn't get many on my nails

Since 3 layers of glitter ends up quite thick, I tried it out as a topper over Flourishing.  It looks pretty nice!  

Color: Berry-plum creme
Application: thin formula but great application.  Just don't let it near your cuticles.  It could flood easily.  
Coats: 2 plus top coat

Color: Vampy eggplant-burgundy purple creme (my notes literally say "like if eggplant and burgundy  had a baby")

Application: Amazing!  This is a favourite for sure!  I even wrote that it didn't threaten to flood at all.
Coats: 2 plus top coat
Note: Darker on the nail than in the bottle for me

Pop The Champagne

Color: Champagne colored foil

Application: Applied easily but still had brushstrokes.  Tried sponging on another coat but it looked more silver since the base color didn't transfer as much.  
Coats: 2 plus top coat

Color: Cherry red creme

Application: Formula is thin but not super sheer.  Be careful around the cuticles.  It will flood (as you can see on my index finger)
Coats: 3 plus top coat

Color: White creme

Application: Thin formula.  The first coat was streaky but just a second coat could be good for some people.  This one also flooded my cuticles.  Twice.  Ugh.  
Coats: 3 plus top coat

Drip Marble

For the drip marble I used all the polish and applied it as decals over Pop The Champagne.  I also added some extra streaks of Pop The Champagne since it wasn't very apparent in the marble.  I finished up with Glisten & Glow top coat.  

If you've never tried Kokie, I think they're worth having a look at.  They're a very economically priced brand and most formulas are pretty great.  If you need to add some cremes, especially, to you collection, these would be a cheap way to expand your selection.  These shades are all available online from the Kokie Cosmetics shop and they're also available in select Rite Aid and Bed, Bath & Beyond stores.  If you're in the USA, you can find any stores near you in the link below.  Unfortunately it doesn't look like they're in Canadian stores but hopefully one day...

$6 USD each

'Til next time...

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