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Madam Glam Green Hearts Gel Polish Swatches (Partial Collection)

Press  Sample

Hey there!  I'm back for the second time today with a Madam Glam review post.  I couldn't wait until a free day to get these up since 1. they're pretty, 2. I did some Valentine's-related stamping over one of them and 3. I have a time-sensitive coupon code to share with you guys!  These are some new glitter-filled gel polishes that Madam Glam released last week from the Green Hearts line.  These are all 9-free, Cruelty-free and Vegan.  I know from Facebook groups that those are really important features to some consumers so Madam Glam has listened!  I was sent four of these polishes which you can see below.  And, since I couldn't resist, I did a bit of stamping over each of them too which I at least tried to keep in line with their names and/or cruelty-free status.  As always, you can use the code CLAWS30 to save 30% BUT if you order on February 14th or 15th of this year, CLAWSVday40 will save you an extra 10% (but only on the Green Hearts polishes).

Eco-Chic Red

Eco-Chic Red is easily my favourite of the four I received...but I'm known to love glitter-y red nail polish.  Plus it helped that it was the one with the most pigmented base so it was opaque in two coats.  This was the first one I used and, since maybe I'm not the only one not accustomed to glitter gel polish, I'll give you this advice: be careful not to leave any glitter overhanging the end of your nail before you use.  Once you cure it's a pain to get rid of!  Other than that, I loved the multi-sized red glitter in the red base.  It definitely has a feel of Dorothy's magic shoes!  

Since I knew these would be released around Valentine's Day, how could I resist some sparkly V-day stamping?  I stamped with UberChic Beauty Love & Marriage 03 with Mundo de Unas Bronze here.  

Eco Vibes is described as a nude with a touch of silver glitter but I'd describe it in the opposite way.  It's definitely a silver glitter but the base seemed more clear than nude to me (though the macro shows that there is a hint of color).  This is 3 coats plus top coat and there's still a lot of naked nail showing, especially since the glitter in Eco Vibes is all small.  

To go with the cruelty-free status, I wanted to stamp this with a cute little bunny (since rabbits are often used in cosmetic testing).  The bunny is from Maniology BM-S152 and the hearts are from BM-317, both stamped with Mundo de Unas Black.  

Ethical & Golden has a light tan base with what appears to me to be a mix of gold and bronze multisized glitter.  The description only mentions gold so it's possible that the bronze look is just the result of gold glitter being covered with the base color.  Again, I found the base color very sheer so it took 3 coats for opacity.  3 coats of gel polish with this much glitter ended up feeling quite thick.  Application-wise, I found the glitter to pull to one side one the first coat but the other coats were easy.  

Again, I wanted to go with the cruelty-free idea for my stamping so I stamped puppy prints from UberChic Beauty Furry Best Friends (with Mundo de Unas Black).  Unfortunately, since the base is so glitter-y, the stamping isn't very legible.  

That's The Spirit has a sheer orange base with multi-sized glitter in pink, orange and turquoise.  This one was a real glitter bomb so it's formula was quite thick.  Again, the sheer base made it require 3 coats to get to an opacity I was happy with.  

Since there are flowers on the bottle of this one, at the polish felt like spring to me, I stamped it with flowers from UberChic Beauty 26-03 with Mundo de Unas Bronze.  

Lastly, because I didn't love the feel of the thickness these required, I thought I'd test them out as toppers over black.  Then I was really happy with them.  I especially like the contrast with That's The Spirit over a dark base.  I'm far more likely to use them over undies than alone, in the future.  

Overall, I like these polishes.  I found the base to be sheer on their own (resulting in thick nails to reach opacity required to cover my stained nails) but they're great to add a glitter twist over other polish.  As a side note, while cruising their website I feel like my swatches look quite different from the photos they show.  But my photos are accurate to how they looked on me so hopefully you trust me!  And, again, don't forget that between February 14-15, 2019 CLAWSVday40 will save you 40% off any of the Green Hearts Collection so if glitters are your thing, you can save a bit of cash!

Save 30% with code CLAWS30
$19.95/15 mL bottle
Available at Madam Glam

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