Sunday, 1 June 2014

Sunday Stamping - Summer Nails

Hey there!  This week's Sunday stamping challenge theme is Summer Nails!  This theme made me soooo happy because it meant I got to use my new Dashica Infinity -61 plate which is full of beachy images.  The only thing that could make me happier is if it actually felt like summer right now.  It's currently dreary and rainy here but since I'm actually writing this post early and scheduling it for  Sunday since I'm going to be out of town on this weekend so maybe it'll be back to summer weather here by the time this goes lives :-)

There's really not much to say here.  I started with a white base and then added these stamping decals I made with Infinity -61.  I filled in the images entirely with acrylic paint.  This was my first time doing full nail stamping decals and never again!  I'm sticking with small images from now on because I didn't cut these to my nail shape and the clean up was ridiculous.

Regardless of the mess I made of myself doing these, I think they turned out pretty darn cute.  The only thing I wish I would have done was fill the umbrella image with something other than white.  It looks like I left part of a colouring book page undone or something because everything else is so colourful.  

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

'Til next time...

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