Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Easy Picture Polish Galaxy Nails

Hey there!  Today I'm finally sharing some super easy galaxy nail art I did last month.  I don't know why I hadn't shared these earlier because I loved them.  I love all galaxy nails and I particular liked these because they were so simple.  I was looking to use some of the Picture Polish 2014 Limited Edition shades that I hadn't used yet and thought they'd be perfect for this!

I'm sure everyone has seen plenty of beautiful galaxy nail art before (I even shared some here when I first started my blog last year) but, if you haven't tried them yourself, they're very simple.  Generally, start with a dark base and use little bits of sponge to sponge on colours, add some stars and you're good to go.  For these I started with a black base and added bits of Picture Polish Altered State, Aurora, Gravity, Solar Flare and possibly Borealis but I can't remember for sure.  The Limited Editions work great for this because they already have scattered holographic particles that look like stars built right in.  Their colour shifts help too :-)

To add a few more stars, rather than using a dotter or spraying my fingers with paint off a toothbrush, I stamped an image off Lily Anna -01 and Konad White.  I scraped the plate like crazy because I didn't want quite as many stars as the image has and I didn't want them really opaque.  I was going for the subtle look so the stamping wouldn't overwhelm the Picture Polish beauty.  

I know that Aurora and Borealis are pretty much impossible to find now but I just checked and the other Picture Polish Limited Editions are still available at Nail Polish Canada (that's where I bought mine), Picture PolishHarlow & Co.Llarowe and possible the rest of the Picture Polish Network (I only checked the places I usually shop at, sorry).

'Til next time...

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