Monday, June 23, 2014

Celestial Cosmetics Electric You Collection

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Hey there!  Celestial Cosmetics and Color4Nails have, once again, come up with an AMAZING collaboration collection.  This is the Electric You collection, a collection of holographic neons.  Yes, you heard me, neon holos!  Two of my favourite qualities a nail polish can have together at last.  I should apologize for disappearing for a few days.  I ran away to the lake for the weekend but, luckily, right before I left I received this collection and I could not wait to try them out.  So these swatches come to you from beach side in the Alberta sun.

Since these are neons, it's recommended to wear them over a white base to make the colours pop more so that's how I wore them.  But I did test them without the white base and they're still plenty bright without white undies.  These polishes all have the great formula I've come to expect from Celestial Cosmetics.  I wore them all at 2 coats over white (with the exception of Adrenalin which I used 3 coats over white for).

For each of these swatches, the first photo is in the shade.  The second and third are in direct sunlight so you can appreciate the linear holo that each of these possess.  Look at my index finger (slightly out of focus) to see how strong the holographic effects are in these.  

Adrenalin - a bright, punchy lime green.  My first thought was that it looks like lime pop/soda...yum!  As I mentioned, this one was the only one that required 3 coats and I found it to have the least overtly holographic effect but it's still a super fun shade.

Inception - a bright, electric blue.  I always love blue nail polishes and this one is no exception.  I think it's my favourite in this collection.  The holo is so strong in this one!

Merge - a super neon pink.  I would say this pink has slightly blue undertones but that could be because of the strong holo.  

Tantrum - coral-leaning orange or orange-leaning coral, I can't decide.  What really struck me about this polish, other than it's uniqueness, was how neon this one is, especially in the shade.  My photos don't do justice to the neon factor but, trust me, it's awesome.  

Trip - a yellow-leaning orange.  This is another unique colour in my collection.  In the sun, it looks like it's on fire.

Singularity -  neon purple.  Another one of my favourites.  I didn't have any issues with this polish at all but Singularity is a prototype that didn't make it into the final collection so, after the initial launch, it won't be available again so you better jump on this one if you want it.  *Disclaimer (provided by Color4Nails): This polish will apply smoothly, but will occasionally present with tiny lumps of pigment once on the nail. It will not damage your nail in any way, nor is it easily noticeable.

Overall, I absolutely LOVE this collection!  Great formulas, great colours, great linear holographic effects.  I'm already planning on using this a lot over the next couple of weeks.  As soon as I saw them I started getting ideas of how to use them in some nail art so you'll be seeing them on me again soon.

Now for the important information - these will be launched on the Color4Nails website on July 1, 2014 for $12.00 each (with the exception of Singularity which will be $8.00) so mark your calendars.  And be sure to follow Color4Nails to get updates:

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