Sunday, 15 June 2014

Sunday Stamping - Plate Ending in 2

Hey there!  Hope everyone is having a good weekend!  This week's Sunday Stamping challenge had a fairly open theme - plate ending in 2.  So I once again grabbed Infinity 42 from Dashica and did this leadlighting mani, inspired by Polished Pooka.

I've been wanting to play around with the leadlight technique more lately.  I've been disappointed with my attempts so far (seen here and here) so I once again went digging through my polishes to find some that would work.  I wasn't super impressed with my collection so, while I'm waiting for my order of 10.1 Icing Polish to come in, I went to Walmart and grabbed some Sally Hansen Invisible (clear polish) and mixed it with some neons I had from Forever 21.  

Just in case it isn't clear, I started by painting my nails white then stamping with Infinity 42 with Mundo de Unas Black.  And then filled in the image with my newly frankened sheer colours using a dotting tool.  

Then I topped it all with my favourite top coat, HK Girl.  

While I don't like mine as much as I like the Polished Pooka's (I love the bright colours she used), I would say I finally have a successful leadlight mani!  I particularly like the purple that shows up where the pink and blue intersect.  

'Til next time...

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