Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Holo Roses & ILNP Funshine Smoothie

Hey there!  After playing with my new Celestial Cosmetics holo polishes this weekend, I wanted to use some other holos that I hadn't gotten around to wearing yet.  So I put on ILNP's Funshine Smoothie from this summer's collection.  Then I made some rose stamping decals using some other ILNP holographics.

This is 3 coats of Funshine Smoothie plus top coat before the stamping decals.  It's a really pretty golden yellow holo.  The first picture is in my light box and the second is in direct sunlight (before it disappeared behind the clouds yesterday).

The stamping decals were made with Infinity-55.  I filled them with ILNP Bikini Bottoms and a bit of Molly (though they're pretty similar in colour so you probably can't see the difference).  And the leaves were filled with A Fresh Evergreen. 

I can't believe all of these ILNP holos had remained untried so for long.  I'm always drawn to their amazing ultrachromes but then their other beauties get ignored in my stash.  Bad me!

'Til next time...


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