Friday, 21 February 2014

Comic Stamping Decals using MoYou London images

Hey there!  It's my last scheduled post that I'm writing from Hawaii (because I wasn't on the ball enough to actually get enough posts written before I left).  I should be on the plane home when this goes live :-(  On the plus side, maybe I'll be able to do this week's Sunday Stamping Challenge since I missed out on last week's.

Today's mani is one of my favourite ones ever.  I love comic-book style art so I've already shown you something I did using some Lichtenstein-inspired decals that I bought from Etsy here.  But since I'm making more and more decals from stamping plates, that's what I used here.

For the polishes I started with, on my thumb I had Color Club Almost Famous (yellow), on my index and ring I had OPI Don't Pretzel My Buttons (a great nude colour), my middle finger had Zoya Robyn (bright blue) and my pinky had Pure Ice Superstar!

The eye decals was from a MoYou London image on the Rebel -03 plate and the lady's face came from MoYou London Pro -10.  They were both filled in with acrylic paint before placement.

On my other nails I went with the tiny dots to complete the comic look, also from MoYou London Pro-10.  My thumb was stamped with Sally Hansen Brisk Blue, my middle finfer with Konad White and my pinky with Sally Hansen Rapid Red.

Loved this look!  The only thing I could have wished for would have been for the lady to have been crying too.  But that's just my depressive side coming out.  I'm sure most people are plenty happy with this mysterious woman, as she is.

'Til next time...when I'll be back in Canada!

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