Sunday, 16 February 2014

Fish Scale Stamping on Foils

Hey there!  Today I'm showing you something I had never tried before, stamping on top of nail foils.  I loved how this looked but, wow do I ever wish foils lasted for more than 12 hours on me!  

Foils are great when you want something super shiny but only if it doesn't need to last.  I bought these foils are from Dollar Nail Art.  This is the "Citrus Splash" pattern.  If you haven't used them before, I usually start by painting my nails a similar colour to the foils (for these I used Cirque Chrysopoeia, a yellow holographic).  One dry you apply a thin coat of the glue that comes with the foils and when it's just tacky (usually around 5 minutes after applying) I just use a cotton swab to transfer the foil.  Unfortunately most top coats absolutely destroy the look but Cathy at More Nail Polish figured out that Picture Polish Revolution works as a decent top coat for them so that's what I use now.

After that was dry I stamped with a scale image from MoYou London Pro -01 using Wet n Wild Black Creme.  Black Creme isn't quite as opaque as Konad Black but WAY easier to clean up.

When I applied the foils I really wasn't going for a fish scale look but that's what my co-workers said they looked like with the stamping.  Such a shame that, even with the Revolution top coat, the foils had already worn off my tips by the time I went to work the next morning.  I need the chemists out there to create some magic foil top coat so I'm tempted to use them more often!

'Til next time...

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