Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Celestial Cosmetics Review

Hey there!  I'm back!!  I've missed you guys!  It's been almost 2 weeks since my last post thanks to my laptop deciding that it wanted to have its final resting ground be in Hawaii...very stressful!  I've become very good at googling computer issues.  At the moment I have a band-aid on it until I get a new one so I thought I'd write up a post while I can.

Tonight I have polishes from the Australian indie brand, Celestial Cosmetics, that I recently received for review from the lovely Sisi at Color4Nails.  As usual, Celestial doesn't fail to impress...

I'm going to start with the holographic polishes, beginning with my favourite.  This is 2 coats of In The Navy, a deep navy blue plus HK Girl top coat.  Its like the perfect pair of dark blue jeans.  Look how holo it is, even in my holo-sucking light box.

In The Navy - light box

In The Navy - direct light

The second polish is Sand Dunes, a pinky-bronze holographic.  This is 2 coats, without top coat.

Sand Dunes - light box

Sand Dunes - direct light

Next up is Mrs Claus' Jugs (love this name).  Of the holographics, this was the most sheer, taking 3 coats for coverage.  I have other green holographic polishes but none that are this neat shade of lime green.  Not the most flattering shade for my skin tone but I'll definitely be wearing it again anyways!

Mrs Claus' Jugs - light box

Mrs Claus' Jugs - direct light

The last of the 4 holographics is Noel's Nuts.  This purple had great coverage with 2 coats.  This one had the least holographic effect of the four.

Noel's Nuts - light box

Noel's Nuts - direct light

The final two polishes I'll be showing today are from a collection based on one of my favourite shows, Sons of Anarchy.  This is Jax, a steel blue with sparse holographic micro glitter.  This one was very sheer.  Even at 3 coats there's still some VNL showing through in the photographs though it wasn't apparent in real life.

And lastly, Harley Dyna.  This one is super unique in my collection.  It's a black jelly with small pink glitter, tiny red glitter and holographic blue micro-glitter.  Even with all those glitters, it still spread easily.  This is 3 coats with a generous topping of HK Girl top coat to completely smooth it out.

Overall, these are great polishes to add to any collection.  The one and only issue I had was how sheer Jax was but it's a minor complaint.  I can't wait to see what Celestial Cosmetics comes up with next!

Celestial Cosmetics at available from Color4Nails where they currently range from $6-$12.  If you're in Australia they are also available directly from Celestial Cosmetics.  They are also available from these other international stockists.

'Til next time...


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