Tuesday, August 23, 2022

Whats Up Nails Stamping Nail Polish Swatches

Press  Sample 

Hey there!  If you follow me on Instagram, you'll have seen quite a few posts using Whats Up Nails stamping polishes.  I thought it might be good to properly swatch them as regular polish and as stamping polish over black and white in case folks want to get a look at them individually.  This really have become staples in my collection and I've already gone through whole bottles of some of them that I use most often (I'm looking at you, black and white...rose gold, you're almost there too).  They apply great as regular polish though I can't speak to whether or not they stain since I always use a base and rarely keep the same mani on for more than a day and most stamp really opaque, even over black.  At the end of the post, I'll also post some manis I've done where I used quite a few of them together, just for fun.  

To begin, I used the Magnified Clear Stamper & Scraper for these swatches.  Below is how it worked right away.  No prep work required and perfect pickup.  This has also become a go to except that now I have gotten acetone on the plastic on the backside of it so part of it is cloudy.  I still do use it except have to try to pickup the image away from the cloudy part.  All swatches were done with 2 coats over the plain nails and stamping using stamping plates B048 Simple Shapes or B039 Geometric Trance (no longer available) on the black and white nails.  All were finished with Vibrant Vinyls Fast & Hard top coat and photographed in a light box with 5K bulbs.  

black creme 

white creme

red creme

orange creme

yellow creme

green creme

medium blue creme

purple creme

beige/greige creme

brown creme

red metallic with slight gold shimmer

rose gold metallic

silver metallic

yellow gold metallic

bronze/brown metallic

Nail Art 

Products used:
Black creme base
Box of Whine, First Violet, Jay For A Day, The Other Side, Fab Cab and Pumpkin A Day stamping polish
B048 stamping plate
Vibrant Vinyls top coat

Products used:
Roses Are Gold, Buff Is The Stuff and Sundae Topping polish
B039 stamping plate
Vibrant Vinyls top coat

Products used:
Silver Ag-ent, Hotter Than Red, Jay For A Day and Blanc My Mind polish
B039 stamping plate
Vibrant Vinyls top coat

Hopefully that gives you an idea of what the What's Up Nails stamping polishes are like.  They stamp great over even dark colours and apply easily as regular polish...what more could you ask for?

$12 USD each
Available at What's Up Beauty

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