Tuesday, August 16, 2022

Hit The Bottle Jelly Shots Part 2 (and more) Swatches

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Hey there!  I'm back on the blog today to share some swatches of the second instalment (and more) of Hit The Bottle Jelly Shots.  The Jelly Shots are a collection of sheer polishes that are perfect for leadlighting (think of a colouring book but on your nails, when you paint your nails a light color, stamp with a dark color and then paint in your stamping image with the sheer polish) but can also be used for a lot of other nail art techniques.  Click here to see my swatches of the original set.  I've already used a lot of these newer ones  in some of my Instagram posts (along with the original Jelly Shots) so I'll include photos of some of those towards the end.  These were mostly sent to be by Lantern & Wren but since receiving these ages ago (when I disappeared from the blogging world) more have been released so I have purchased a few and included them here.  There is also a neon "Street Art" collection but I have not yet purchased those.  Now onto the swatches!

All of these were swatched as either 2-3 coats over a white base (with the exception of Polar Bear which was swatched without the white base) and stamped with KN2 stamping plate using a black stamping polish and then painted over with the Jelly Shot.  They were all finished with Vibrant Vinyls Fast & Hard top coat.  I'm included close-up photos so you can really see how much the color disrupts black stamping some do have a certain level of opaqueness to them.  

lime green jelly

teal/emerald green jelly

aqua/turquoise jelly

dark royal blue jelly

dark purple jelly

raspberry red/magenta jelly

bright pink jelly

brown jelly

sheer white

I see a lot of people in groups ask about jelly white polishes and Polar Bear is THE answer.  I've fully used up my first bottle of this and am now working on my second.  Below is 3 coats which is almost opaque.  It's good enough to cover just how stained my nails are but still elegant in a way.  

I used it to sandwich some stamping some stamping (Hit The Bottle Vintage Grunge with Snowed in stamping polish) and glitter (OPI Pirouette My Whistle) in the photos below.  

Jelly Shot Nail Art 

And lastly I'll show a few of the nail art looks I've done with the jelly shots relatively recently.  You can see, I do use them pretty often.  Rather than list all the polishes used, I'll link to the Instagram posts which will have everything listed, in case anyone is interested.  

Original Instagram Post

Original Instagram Post

Original Instagram Post

Original Instagram Post

That is all for today.  I will likely post some more swatches of either stamping polishes or regular polishes soon.  I think that might be the easiest way for people to find swatches online in the future rather than Instagram which is tougher to search.  

$8.50 USD each

'Til next time...

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