Tuesday, 14 April 2020

Staying Positive during COVID-19 Times...

Hey there!  I truly come back to this space to say I hope all of you out there are safe and healthy and happy during these stressful times.  I knew I'd been absent from the nail world but I didn't realize it had been two full months.  Since this virus popped up, I've definitely had my fair share of stress.  But I'll admit most of it is self-inflicted.  I have mostly been paralyzed with anxiety watching and reading the news 24/7.  Now I know that's soooooo unhealthy for me so I'm trying to reduce my media diet to mostly just Alberta's chief medical officer's daily update.  She's incredible and calming.  Overall Alberta isn't doing terribly (*knock on wood*) but we are definitely in shut down.  I have to go to work at the university every couple of weeks but mostly I've been at home.  Part of the anxiety I'm feeling is likely because my sister is an ER nurse and a single mom so I'm just hoping that she can come out of this with her, my niece and my parents' (who have been watching my niece most of the time) uninfected.  I'm also worried for myself since I know that it'll be tough on me if I get it because I have garbage lungs (I've had asthma my whole life and then I smoked for ages, so dumb of me).  

I would've thought that if I was forced inside for weeks on end that I would've jumped at the chance to do my nails all the time but I've been neglecting them as much as I have this blog.  But hopefully I'm out of my dark place now and will be appearing here more regularly.  Last night I started cropping my backlog of photos and I must apologize to the companies that sent me stuff that I ended up late on.  But today is a mani I did just for me.  I couldn't sleep and my sister was on night shift so I texted her and asked her her favourite colors and she said "charcoal grey and blue".  This is what I came up with...

I started with a white base and then did a gradient of UberChic Beauty She Wolf and KBShimmer Sky Jinks.  She Wolf is very grey but came out looking very black here. 

Shockingly I didn't have any plates with viral structures on it (I'm a scientist that collects every science-y plate I can get my hands on but apparently viruses aren't sought after).  Instead, I used the biohazard symbols from Zombie Love 2.  It's not unfitting since this does almost feel like one of those damn apocalypse movies/TV shows when I do have to go out and about.  

For the most important part of this mani, the "We Can Do This" and "Let's End This", I used UberChic Beauty's Stand Together plate.  This plate had a lot of messages that I really appreciated the night I was doing this.  These are the two that stuck out to me because we can end this if we all follow the rules.  It's gonna take a freakin' long time and I know we're all suffering but it's our duty.  

For anyone who has read this, thank you for sticking around.  I do have about 20 blog posts worth of pictures so I'll be around more.  But it's disheartening that Facebook and Instagram have blocked any links to my blog so I don't know how to promote any posts.  If you do like my page, please follow on Bloglovin' to get updates.  

'Til next time...


  1. I don't think that we realize how stress can affect every area of our lives. I'm essential (veterinary) so I'm still working. My schedule hasn't changed much but we did go from 38 employees to 11, needless to say, my stress level tripled! I too have been neglecting my nails purely for the fact that I'm exhausted by the time I get home.
    I hope that things get easier for you and that you & yours are safe & healthy!

  2. Hope you and your family continue to stay safe! Very appropriate nail art 😍

  3. SOooo glad to see you again. Wrote off your absence to the purchase of your new home (congrats). I surely do miss your posts. Please stay with this blog and be well.

  4. I am trying to avoid the news!

    This is a great mani :-D