Wednesday, May 4, 2022

Past Polish Pickup Hit The Bottle Swatches

Nothing to Disclose
Press  Sample

Hey there!  Welcome to my first blog post in well over a year!  I thought I'd pop on here to create a bit of a reference for (almost) all of the Hit The Bottle shades that have been available through Polish Pickup.  I love Hit The Bottle and have been lucky enough to get a lot of her non-PPU polishes as press samples but I like to support the brand so I have purchased every stamping polish that she's put out through Polish Pickup since I first discovered that PPU was a thing (except that two I did receive as samples which I will mark with an *).  Since it's almost time for PPU Rewind this year, I thought this would be a good time to post the swatches I've done of them over my blogging break.  I believe Michelle may post a poll for people decide on which shades they want brought back in her Facebook fan group but don't quote me on that.  I know that not all of the ingredients are available anymore so they won't all be a possibility but fingers crossed that your favourite is!  Also, some of these are still available for purchase from Hit The Bottle, Beautometry and Lantern & Wren (off the top of my head) so you might not even need to wait for Rewind month!   Also, if you're a fan, you may want to check out my 2018 blog post where I swatched all the non-PPU polishes to date.  I do have more swatches to add to that so I should update it soon. 
Note: there's some funny stuff going on with the formatting of the text in this post, with regards to spacing and font.  I cannot, for the life of me, figure out how to fix it right now.  Hopefully it's not too off-putting or confusing!  

For all of these swatches, I stamp with plate KN1 over black and white cremes.  The index and pinky nails show 2 coats alone.  All swatches have top coat applied (usually Vibrant Vinyls Fast & Hard top coat).  I take my photos in a light box with 5K bulbs.  I try to be as color accurate as possible but my camera doesn't love some colors so I'll note if the color isn't accurate.

Start The Day With Bubbly
June 2019
lilac with pink/copper shimmer

Guilded Mystique*
August 2019
metallic silver lavender with gold shimmer

Magna Opus
September 2019
gold, bronze, green multichrome

A Vermillion To One
October 2019
bright poppy red creme

To Thine Own Elf Be True 
November 2019
pale apple creme (a little darker than photos show)

Staring At The Embers
December 2021
neon slightly-coral orange creme

Your Fuchsia Looks Bright
January 2020
bright magenta/fuchsia metallic with blue shimmer

Tiddalik's Laugh
February 2020
grass green with gold shimmer

Lapis of the Gods
March 2020
cornflower blue creme

Stonewashed & Windswept
April 2020
very light grey creme

Electro Candypop
May 2020
turquoise creme 
Note: not recommended to use as regular polish as it stains so I swatched it but didn’t keep it on for an extended period of time

I Am Woman, Hear Me Pour
June 2020
warm-toned purple shimmer

Positively Charged
August 2020
hot pink creme

Colliding of the Realms
September 2020
antique gold with pewter finish and olive undertones

Holy Indecision Batman
October 2020
navy/black with blue shimmer

Putting' On The Ritz
November 2020
pink metallic with gold shimmer

La la la...I Can't Hear You
December 2020
metallic dark teal

Slitherin' Serpentine 
January 20201
military green creme

Strike A Posy
February 2021
pinky purple lilac creme

Free To Flutterby
March 2021
neon mint green creme

Divinely Decadent
May 2021
brown-leaning antique gold metallic

From The Ground Up
August 2021
mustard yellow creme

Sweeten The Teal
September 2021
teal creme

Dead Or O-Live
October 2021
pastel olive green creme

Knits and Giggles
December 2021
pinkish greige creme

Give It A Weigh Now
January 2022
red-toned brown creme

His Royal Freshness
February 2022
turquoise with gold shimmer 

Just Because
March 2022
bright orchid (warm purple) creme

Happy Oxidant
April 2022
pastel neon yellow creme

Swept Away
May 2022
sand-coloured creme

Not My First Rodeo
June 2022
vintage brick red creme

Shore Thing
August 2022
pale grey-ish blue creme

Bendless Love
October 2022
steel blue metallic

Baubles Deep
November 2022
deep plum with blue/purple shimmer

They Call Me Caramello...Koala! 
December 2022
caramel-coloured creme

Gaze of the Gorgon
January 2023
dirty sage green creme

B-A-B-Y, Baby

February 2023

dusty, antique pink creme

Note: top coat does change the color of this polish

No top coat

With top coat

Books & Cocoa 

March 2023

mid-toned warm brown creme

Once and Flor-al 

April 2023

deep plum/burgundy creme

Bun Intended 

May 2023

very dark grey creme (almost black)

Sell You An Egret 

June 2023

muted apricot creme with subtle shimmer

Where Time Melts

August 2023

antique gold metallic

Boots n Skirts

October 2023

deep forest green creme 

This Too Shall Pass

December 2023

dark gray-toned blue creme 

Those are all the swatches I have for now but I will try to update it as I receive my orders.  Hopefully your favorite comes back for Rewind month!

'Til next time...