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UberChic Beauty Lovely Leaves 3, Halloween 4 and Puff & Stamp Tool

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Hey there! I'm back today with a look at a few of the new products available from UberChic Beauty.    A week ago she released some brand new fall plates, Lovely Leaves 3 and Halloween 4 and, not long before that, she put out some new nail art tools.  Last week I shared a mani I had done with the Striper Brush and this week two of the manis used the Dual-Ended Puff & Stamper.  Like I said in my last blog post, fall has hit my city so the new Lovely Leaves plate comes right in time.  It's a bit early for Halloween but I love that she released them early to make sure you can have the plate come Halloween-season.

This tool is just like its name describes.  It's has a tiny (~1.2 cm) stamper on one end (great for the smaller individual images so you don't have to remove all the extra that tends to get picked up on a larger stamper); on the other end is a sphere-shaped (~1.5 cm) sponge.  I found that the stamper worked better after a bit of priming (a quick rinse with dish soap and then light filing with a glass file).  UberChic claims that the sponge is cleanable with water (if using acrylic paint) or nail polish remover and I found that to be true.  My first mani with it wasn't good so I cleaned it by smooshing it in a little container of acetone and then smooshing that out onto a piece of paper towel.  As you can see in my photos below, it doesn't clean to pristine levels but it's definitely reusable.  But be sure to clean it right after you use it.  I imagine dry nail polish would be more difficult to get out.  

$14.99 USD
9.5 x 12.5 xm
17 x 21 mm full size images

Here's a look at the latest Lovely Leaves plate.  There's so many different foliage images.  I know we all use leaf images in fall when the leaves change but these could make some awesome summer and spring manis too.  

For my first mani, I went with some autumnal reverse stamping.  I used Mundo de Unas Bronze for the stamping and filled the images with Girly Bits Another Brick In The Fall, Butternut Leave Me, It’s Near Leaf All and Acornucopia and applied them over a black base and topped with Vibrant Vinyls Fast & Hard top coat.  

Before I show the stamping for my second mani, Here's a look at the sponged look I created with the puff part of the Puff & Stamp tool for the background of the stamping.  It was easy to use and created a much smooth blend than using the torn off bits of sponge I would normally use for this kind of look.  

For the background of this one, I started with KBShimmer Stonewashed and then sponged on Eyes White Open, My LIfe’s Porpoise, Sky Jinks and Little Boy Hue.

I could resist the layered tree/leaves on this plate.  I've seen a lot of people post manis with it already since it's a great look.  I did the stamping with Mundo de Unas White and Black and then did the leaves with Yellow, Orange and Reddish before finishing with a matte top coat.  

$14.99 USD
9.5 x 14.5 cm plate
17 x 21 mm full size images

Next up with the fourth Halloween plate from UberChic Beauty.  It's a good mix of layered, positive/negative, smaller images and text.  I love the fake vampire teeth saying Bite me!.  I definitely need to find a mani to use that in before Halloween.  

I wanted to show that this plate doesn't have to go full Halloween with my first mani.  Plus I love her layered images so I used the pumpkin images with Mundo de Unas Black and Green over Girly Bits Funky Time.  I didn't line up the images perfectly on all my nails.  I guess I'll have to keep practicing!  

Here's a quick look at how the mini stamper part of the tool picked up.  It was great for the bats on this plate so I had relatively easy placement of numerous bats without having to constantly be cleaning off a stamper in between.

For these I started with Tonic Polish Light of Lyra and stamped the Trick and Treat images with Mundo de Unas White before using the mini stamper with Mundo de Unas Black.  These were finished with Glisten & Glow matte top coat.  

I was really happy with both of these plate and the new tool.  Especially since we're having an early fall, I have a suspicion that I'll be using the Lovely Leaves plate A LOT this year.  And my UberChic Halloween plates tend to be the first ones I reach for come October since she has such a variety of images.

$14.99 USD/ stamping plate
$9.75 USD/Puff & Stamp Tool
Available at UberChic Beauty

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