Friday, September 7, 2018

Nail Crazies Unite - Inspired By Fall Fashion

Hey there!  Today's Nail Crazies Unite theme is pretty appropriate for the weather we've been having in Edmonton.  The prompt is Inspired By Fall Fashion and it's certainly turned to fall here.  Practically overnight it got chilly and the leaves started turning.  I'm not ready to say goodbye to summer yet but it seems like I might not have a choice.  So I guess it's time to embrace autumnal nails starting with these (which are actually my current mani since I just did them last night).  I'm not much into fashion but when I think of fall I think of jeans and sweaters so that's what I did.

For the base colors, I used a couple of the old Speckled polishes from Cirque Colors, Astra and Acid Wash (which I saw was recently re-released so it's available again).  I don't know why the bottle of Astrid is so pale in my photos because it's actually pink in real life.  

For the sweater nails, I stamped with my favourite knitted-looking plate, Vivid Lacquer VL-025 with Painted Polish Stamped In Mulberry.  This is definitely my go to sweater stamping plate.  

Then for the jeans, I used a trick I saw online years ago and stamped off an old piece of denim with KBShimmer Stonewashed.  You can't get a more denim-like pattern than actually stamping off of jeans! 

For the last bit, I painted a stripe of Stonewashed and added stitching with Painted Polish Stamped In Mustard.  I added a matte top coat and a couple of gold studs and there you go!  

So there's my fall fashion nails.  That's about as fashionable as I get, haha!  I actually even tried to match my outfit to my nails today.  I haven't worn jeans in months until today!  Is there any sort of fashion item you break out when the cooler weather hits?  

'Til next time...

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