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My Mani Box May and June 2018 Review

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Hey there!  Today I have a look at what the nail art subscription box, My Mani Box, has to offer.  The boxes I'm checking out today were from May and June of this year so they've moved on since them but it should give you an idea of what kind of products you could receive.  There's always 2 MoYou London plates (you just let them know if you prefer the regular size or the XL size), indie polish and/or nail art and stamping accessories.  May's theme was Dinosaurs and June's was Passport to Polish.  You can see in the photos below what items came with each box and how much fun I had with them.  The next theme appears to be Fantastic Beasts.  Having just re-read the Harry Potter series this summer, that sounds like a good one to me!

May 2018 My Mani Box

June 2018 My Mani Box

May 2018 (Dinosaurs) My Mani Box

The indie polish in May's box was Ms Sparkle's Fallen Kingdom.  It's a magnetic multi chrome polish with green flakies.  Since it is magnetic, there was also a 1 x 6 cm magnetic (nice and strong!) included.  

Fallen Kingdom is mostly a golden brown that shifts to green with a copper magnetic shift and lots of green flakies.  I applied a first coat then, after the second and while it was still wet, I held the magnet over my nail.  It applied easily.  The flakies add a bit of something extra, especially with the popularity of magnetics.  

The first MoYou London plate included was Mother Nature 19.  I stamped over Fallen Kingdom with it using Hit The Bottle Calypso Gold.  The gold really complemented Fallen Kingdom's colors and still let the magnetic effect show through.  

The MoYou London plate was Mother Nature 18.  I combined it with some dried flowers that were also in the box for my next mani.  

I did a gradient of Esmaltes da Kelly Wendy, Incaro and Dolly over a white base and did reverse stamping with Hit The Bottle As Black As Night filled with Esmaltes da Kelly Bee and Frogger.  I wish the yellow matched the yellow of the flowers a bit better.  The flowers were really pretty but I seem to be unable to apply them without getting a ton of bubbles.  Luckily people don't see that in real life.  

The final product in May's My Mani Box was Clear Jelly Stamper's LC-35 Dinosaur stamping plate.  If you've never used a CJS plate, I recommend checking them out.  She invented the clear stamper which made layering images like this possible.  

I used images from this plate over A England Dragon (dragons are kind of like dinosaurs, right?).  I stamped the footprints with Hit The Bottle Taupe-lessly Devoted and Make Mine A Mudslide.  I must've been tired since I didn't line them up very well.  Practice, practice, practice....  The skeletons were stamped with Hit The Bottle Snowed In before finishing with a matte top coat.  

June 2018 (Passport To Polish) My Mani Box

The polish in June's My Mani Box was Femme Fatale's Fates Bound Together.  It's a blue-purple thermal polish with pink shimmer and iridescent flakies.  

I wore this as 3 easily-applied coats.  When I wore this originally, it tended to stay as the warm color but I wore it again this weekend at the cabin and it switched back and forth a lot.  It was a great indicator of whether or not I was chilly!  

Also included was the MoYou London Mix & Match 13 plate.  This is how you can tell I'm getting this review up late.  It's such a warm looking mani in today's fall weather.  I did the stamping with Hit The Bottle As Black As Night and Snowed In.  

MoYou London Explorer 33 was the second plate in June's box.  I used it with Hit The Bottle Holo There Beautiful stamping polish which was also included.  

Actually I double stamped Holo There Beautiful over As Black As Night with a base of Hit The Bottle Parrot Fashion.  Can't go wrong with a double stamped holo multichrome design!  

There were two other products also included.  The first was Beautometry's Peel Putty, a latex-based cuticle guard.  It actually smelled really nice compared to other cuticle guards and I loved that the brush was the size of a regular nail polish brush (I prefer that to the skinny brushes).  On the downside it took approximately 5 minutes to dry and seemed to dry a bit stiff for my liking.  But once I got a corner up, it peeled easily.  

Finally, there was also a mini glass nail file.  I had to file my nails that night so I gave it a shot and really liked it.  It's the perfect size to keep in your purse!  

If you're interested in getting this month's box, each month there is a pre-order available from the 20th of the current month to the 19th of the next month, but don't wait because quantities are limited.  

Available for pre-order from My Mani Box
$35 USD/month (price is reduced when multi-month subscription is purchased)
Contains approximately $50 worth of products

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