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Moonflower Polish Isla del Encanto Stamping Polish Review

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Hey there!  Today I have a review of a new collection of stamping polish from Moonflower Polish that was just released a few days ago.  For the Isla de Encanto collection, Nadia is taking us to her lovely home of Puerto Rico, also known as Isla del Encanto or Island of Enchantment.  I personally don't know much about Puerto Rico but if it was the inspiration for these polishes, it must be absolutely breathtaking!  The collection is made up of 8 shimmery polishes that are formulated for stamping but, as a hint, I absolutely love Moonflower Polish for all kinds of nail art.  In todays post I've only tested their stamp-ability but I know these are going to be great for a lot more than that.  This is Nadia's third release and she's really nailed her formula with this collection.  All of these stamped with perfect ease.  To go along with the tropical theme, I chose all floral stamping images to test these polishes instead of picking randomly like I usually do. Nadia was kind enough to provide a 10% off coupon code COPYCAT10 for my readers.  She really is sweet!

For those of you who might be new to this brand, it is a 5-free indie brand that comes to us from a long time blogger, Mama Hearts Polish.  And she's a stamper so she knows what makes a good stamping polish.  As I mentioned, this collection is full of vibrant shimmers that work over both dark and light colors.  Over dark colors, the shimmer is much more obvious so that's how I prefer them.  I personally couldn't get Moonflower Polish to work with my clear stamper but these ones did!  But I still used my old trusty silicone stamper for today's swatches.  I swatched them using a variety of plate brands over black and white gel polish and topped with HK Girl in these photos.  

"metallic orange with pink/purple/orange color shifting shimmer and gold micro flakes"
plate: Infinity Nails 42

Don't let this Halloween-looking color combination fool you.  This color is totally meant for summer.  It's a slightly dusty orange that is making me want an orange popsicle now.  It's one of my favourites in this collection, maybe because I have so few good orange stamping polishes.  

"a red metallic with gold/purple/pink color shifting shimmer and rose gold micro flakes."
plate: Marianne Nails 63

Personally I see this polish as more of a hot pink than red but, either way, it's gorgeous.  I smeared it with top coat in this macro though.....boooo on me!

"metallic violet with indigo/purple/red shimmer and purple-blue micro flakes."
plate: Fab Ur Nail FUN22 

Orquideas is a nice bright purple that is slightly more red-leaning than these photos show.  The shimmer hides over white but doesn't it shine over black?

"metallic indigo with purple shimmer and indigo/purple/red color shifting micro flakes"
plate: Bundle Monster BM-XL108

Another unique stamping polish color!  It's a bit hard to see over black but over white it's a perfect periwinkle.

"metallic aqua with green-purple color shifting shimmer and gold-green-blue micro flakes"
plate: UberChic Beauty 18-01

Another favourite of mine.  I always drool over a good aqua like this!  

"a dark metallic green with green-gold-purple-blue color shifting shimmer and green-gold micro flakes"
plate: MoYou London Tropical 14

I noted that this one is also a bit harder to see over black but it's definitely still visible.  It's color reminds me of a dense forest.

"Bronzy/brown with gold microflakes and gold shimmer"
plate: Lina Nail Art Supplies Spring 01

There's so few brown stamping polishes out there.  I'm happy Nadia chose to include one here.  The gold shimmer in this one really stands out.  

"gray base (not quite silver) with red/green/blue/purple color shifting shimmer and dark violet micro flakes"
plate: Whats Up Nails B018

The idea of might scare the bejeebers out of me but I love how this one looks over black.  It reminds me a bit of matte stamping.  I think it'd be awesome over pink so I'm going to have to try that soon.  

That's a wrap on the lovely Isla del Encanto stamping polish collection from Moonflower Polish.  I hope I didn't create any bad spanish typos in the process!  I love that Nadia uses spanish makes me feel so exotic!  If you're interested in these polishes, they are currently available (no preorder this time) at Moonflower polish.  Join her fan group and follow on social media to share in others love of this great indie brand!  Don't forget to use COPYCAT10 to save 10% off your purchase!  

$9/15 mL bottle or $5/7 mL mini
$70/full set
Available at Moonflower Polish 

'Til next time...

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