Tuesday, 13 September 2016

The Digit-al Dozen does Four - 4 Gradiented Stamps

Hey there!  For my second "Four" mani, I have to come clean.  I actually did these for a previous DD theme, didn't use them and then realized they'd work for this week's theme.  That always feels a bit like cheating, doesn't it?  But I did really love this mani.  It was so simple but looked really cool.  I should put more gradient stamping in my life.  Like yesterday, this mani has two takes on the "Four" theme.  I have 4 different stamping images (at least that you can see in my pics) and 4 colors in total.

To start I used Girly Bits Into The Night.  I bought my bottle of it ages ago but I'm glad to see it's still part of the lineup.  It's such an awesome black holo glitter.  It does need top coat though so don't expect it to be totally smooth.  

The stamping images I used were all sort of wavy lines on UberChic Beauty plates.  They are found on Out Of Africa-01 (pointer), 2-02 (middle), 1-01 (ring), 8-01 (pinky).  My thumb had a fifth image from 6-03 but since you can never see my thumb (but it is always done) that doesn't really count, right?

The colors in the stamping that bring the total polish count to 4 are M Polish Dancing In The Streets, Pish Plashin’ Around, Get Lost.  She's still on maternity leave but, if you need some awesome metallic stamping polishes, keep your eyes open for her return.  I certainly don't regret buying these.  

Thanks for stopping by today.  I'm headed out right now to see my friend I haven't seen in months (it's silly how busy summer gets for me).  I'm really excited to catch up with him.  While I'm there, you can feel free to stop by my internet friends' pages in the links down below.  

'Til next time...

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