Friday, 30 September 2016

Creative Shop Stamping Plate Review

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Hey there!  Hooray, it's almost the weekend!  To kick it off I'm sharing three manis that I've worn recently, done with some of the new Creative Shop stamping plates.  I wish the Creative Shop plates got more attention in the stamping world.  I myself haven't been super aware of them but I'm glad that has changed.  After receiving these, I spent some time on her website and snooped around and I really like a lot of the designs she has.  I hope that my review here will open some more people's eyes to them and maybe we'll see them around more often.  I was sent #16, 17 and 18 and thought the quality and the image were great.  And, for those of you searching for long images, these are made for you.  Keep reading to see all the details...

The Creative Shop Stamping Plates measure 6 x 12 cm, standard rectangular size these days.  Each plate has 14 large full nail images, without gaps in between so no space is wasted.  The images are approximately 15 x 25 mm which is quite large but most images could be used on most nail sizes, though there are some that could be too zoomed in for some people.  As for quality, the etching is great and I had no issues.  I wouldn't say the plates go with any particular themes so you'll have to browse around to find the ones you like.  But that's part of the fun, isn't it?  I'm going to link the plates to the Creative Shop website but in case you want to shop closer to home, the links to a variety of Creative Shop stockists can be found at the end of this post.

I was immediately drawn to the broken glass image on the top row of this plate.  I thought I'd be fun to pair it with the chrome powder I bought from Born Pretty.  I'm not a big gel polish fan so I used a peel off basecoat as suggested by Simply Nailogical before painting my nails with Fresh Paint black gel polish and the Bio Seaweed Gel No Wipe Top Coat.  I applied the chrome powder with a eyeshadow applicator, as I've seen done.  The photos don't look all that chrome but these were pretty shiny in real life (I think I could even see myself in the reflection).  The stamping was done with Mundo de Unas Black and I finished with HK Girl top coat which didn't seem to dull the shine at all (though it did start peeling off the gel the next day).  I want to try that snakeskin image next week as soon as I get a polish I ordered so you might be seeing this plate again soon.  

I just wore this mani yesterday.  I've been loving the coppers so I used Emily de Molly I'm B-Lind (a last minute addition to my recent Color4Nails order).  It's a brighter copper than the swatch photo online but I wasn't unhappy with that.  I love how sparkly it is!  I then double stamped with Mundo de Unas White and Navy Blue and finished with HK Girl.  Copper and blue (and white) happen to be the colors of the Edmonton Oilers so I like the color combination.  

Unlike in the mani above, I wasn't particularly happy with my color combinations in the one below but I thought I'd post one photo of it just to show how much of a fairly zoomed in image fit on my nail.  You can see I get the entire horse head on my nail but I'm missing most of the hair.  For reference my nails are approximately 1 cm wide and 1.5 cm long (depending on the day).

For my final look I did a gradient of China Glaze Adore, Tongue & Chic and Scandalous Shenanigans stamped with Mundo de Unas Silver and matted with Essie Matte About You.  You can see how my stamping technique changed the circles into almost half moons.  Circles and straight lines never seem to get along that well with squishier stampers.  

Creative Shop has numerous international stockists which can be found below as well as their own online store.  I'm definitely looking at purchasing a few more plates myself.  There's some great designs to be found!

1. USA(ships international)-

2. UK(ships international) -

3.  UK(ships international) -

4. EU -

5. France -

6. Finland -


You can follow updates by joining the Creative Shop Facebook group or by following along on Instagram.

'Til next time...

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