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Illyrian Polish Eerie Woodlands Part 3 and Color4Nails Exclusives

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Hey there!  Today I have a review of a new-to-me brand, Illyrian Polish.  Illyrian Polish is an indie 5-free, cruelty-free brand based in Houston, Texas.  Color4Nails sent me a package with 8 of their polishes to try out, including 2 Color4Nails exlclusives and I have to say I'm definitely a fan!  They applied easily and have such a fun mix of finishes.  It's nice to see collections that have a bit of everything and this one definitely does.  There's a mix of shimmers and flakies and holographics and more.  Keep reading to find out all the details.

The first two polishes are the Color4Nails exclusives.  I apologize that I cannot find a current listing for Dove Jam.  I'm not sure if that means it is sold out temporarily or permanently.  I've been behind on my blogging and I'm afraid I might be too late for this one since some exclusives are limited edition.  The final six polishes encompass Part 3 of the Eerie Woodlands collection from Illyrian Polish.  I'm not sure what the first two parts looked like but I can tell you this third part is one of the eclectic collections I've come across and I love it.  As I mentioned above, I had no real issues with the application of these but any notes I made on them will be included in the description.  All photographs were taken in a light box with 5K Ottlite bulbs.  

Dove Jam 

Color4Nails Store Exclusive
"A grey holo, with tiny silver holo glitters and beautiful pink iridescent flakes!"

The mix of grey and pink give this a lovely taupe look to me.  2 coats plus top coat.  

Color4Nails Store Exclusive 
"A seafoam green/blue scattered holo with a gold shimmer/flake and copper flakies."

I love the contrast of the flakies with the base color.  2 coats plus top coat

"A fuchsia base with a beautiful, strong blue shimmer! "

I see this as almost a red-purple duochrome with blue shimmer.  This has a bit of a crelly formula so it took 3 coats plus top coat for opacity.  I did find the formula a little thick but manageable.  

"Dark navy blue based jelly packed with gold flakies and red iridescent flakies"

Great coverage for a jelly and easy formula.  The gold flakies look mostly green due to base color.  
2 coats plus top coat.  

"Slightly tinted black base packed with a green to copper shifting shimmer and blue to pink shifting flecks!"

Mainly agreen-blue shift in blackened base.  The formula was easy.  The brushstrokes that are visible in my photos were invisible in real life.  Two coats plus top coat.  

 "Minty blue base with a gorgeous violet shimmer!"

To my eyes the color is a pale pure blue more than mint.  Either way this color mixed with the subtle shimmer is very calming.  Despite the almost jelly formula, this is only two coats plus top coat.  

"Teal blue holo base with a green to slight copper shifting shimmer!"

The green shift is definitely prominent in this polish and gives it an awesome glow though I didn't really pick up on a copper shift.  Two coats plus top coat.  

"Dusty blue leaning grey base with a beautiful copper shimmer!"

Like Nymph, this one had a slightly crelly formula though I found the formula of Unearthly Whisper to be thicker.  It was manageable but I did have to be careful with my application in order to avoid ridges.  Perhaps a couple drops of thinner would have helped.  Two coats plus top coat.  

While I did really like all of the above, I have to say that I particularly loved Nymph (for both color and formula) and Unearthly Whisper (color-wise).  Something about that almost-crelly squishiness mixed with the hint of shimmer won my heart.  
$12/bottle ($13/C4N Exclusives)
Available at Color4Nails

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