Thursday, 9 June 2016

Emily de Molly Stamping Plate Review

Press  Sample

Hey there!  I feel like I've had no time for nail art lately so I'm so happy to bring you a post full of stamping.  Awhile ago Hayley from Emily de Molly contacted me asking if I'd like to review a few of her stamping plates.  I'm a long time Emily de Molly fan, both of her polishes and her plates, so of course I jumped at the chance.  I was sent four plates to try out and, not surprisingly (since I already knew her plate quality is fabulous), they were all great.  I played with them each a bit and came up with the 5 manis you see below.  I even got to use a few of the Emily de Molly polishes I have in my stash which served to remind me how much I like them too.

The plates I received were a nice mix of older and new plates, EDM09, EDM21, EDM23 and EDM24.  Below is a scan of each plate.  They have a diameter of 7 cm (larger than the older Bundle Monster/Konad circle stamping plates, the same size as Messy Mansion's plates) with the images measuring 16 x 20 mm.  Each plate has 7 versatile full nail designs.  As I mentioned above, her plate quality is great so pick up and transfer of these images was easy peasy.  

For the first mani I used EDM09.  The images on this plate are mostly meant to be centered on the nail which is so much easier since the advent of the clear stamper.  I tried one of my most dreaded techniques, the radial gradient, to go with this centered stamping.  

I used Femme Fatale Sunrise Funfair and Rescue Beauty Lounge Pause for the gradient and stamped with Mundo de Unas White using the UberChic Beauty XL Clear Stamper (which now comes with the holder).  

I gotta admit, I love how this gradient turned out.  And look how well the fine lines in this image pick up!  

For this mani I used EDM21.  I absolutely love this plate.  There's something so sci-fi about it.  I used a base of Emily de Molly Blueprint (I've always loved her jelly/glitter polishes).  For the stamping I gradiented  Mundo de Unas Mint, Sky Blue, Turquoise, Blue and Navy Blue.  That was topped with HK Girl top coat.  I messed up on the transfer on my index nail.  That was my fault, not a flaw with the plate.  

I did two manis with EDM23.  The first one are some decals I made with Mundo de Unas Light Grey filled with Emily de Molly Setting Sun, Mind Powers and Land of Confusion.  Check out the macro to see how the holo sparkles in direct light.  

For the second EDM23 mani I used an Emily de Molly glitter topper called Hardware over a gold base of Essence My Sunny Side.  This is double stamped, first with M Polish Elizabethan and then with Mundo de Unas Black.  Again, thanks to the clear stamper for making shadowed stamping possible even if this particular shadow is very subtle.  

And lastly, I used EDM24 for this final look.  There's been so many cool manis lately using magnetic polish and I wanted to jump on that bandwagon.  I used Nails Inc. Whitehall magnetic polish as the base and stamped the almost reptilian pattern from EDM24 using Mundo de Unas Bronze.  I loved the shiftiness of this look so much that I just went on a spending spree and ordered a bunch of new magnetic polishes so I'm sure you'll be seeing some of them soon.  

That's all for today.  If you've never tried the Emily de Molly brand, I would definitely recommend it, both for her plates and her polishes.  She is based in Australia but she does now have an international store (linked below).  There's also an extensive list of stockists that also have her products available.

$6 USD or $6.50 AUD/plate
Available at Emily de Molly (Australia or USA/International)

'Til next time...

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