Friday, 24 June 2016

Delush Polish Nautical By Nature Collection

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Hey there!  Delush Polish's Nautical By Nature collection totally encompasses what I love about summer polish collections.  It is full of bright colors with a twist - they all have added shimmer and flakies to give them a really unique finish.  There are 7 polishes in the collection, all with Delush Polish's 5-free, cruelty-free formula and fun names.    

Since these are mostly neons, they tend to freak cameras out.  I photographed these with a darker setting on my camera which seems to make them more true to life but if there are discrepancies I'll describe them with the photos.  I'm including one regular photo and one macro for each since the macros tend to show off the flakies a bit more.  All of them were photographed with one coat of HK Girl top coat in a light box with Ottlite bulbs.  

"Stay inside? Beach, Please! Our vibrant neon pink cream, blended with a sprinkle of color shifting flakies, is bound to echo your inner sassy diva."

This hot pink has gold shimmer and purple microflakes.  It seemed to have a slightly thinner formula than some of the others but still only required two coats.  

"Celebrate the arrival of summer with our magenta cream filled with bursts of shimmer and a sprinkling of holo, thats shore to make you the life of the party!"

A magenta purple creme with blue shimmer and microflakes.  This is two coats.  

"A playful neon lime cream, accented with shimmering color shifting flakes, that will have your finger tips screaming you glow girl!"

Holy, this neon lime green is bright!  It really made my camera flip out and not be able to catch the gold shimmer and flakes well.  The flakies in this one are the most subtle but they are definitely there and add super shimmer to the polish.  This is three coats.  

"Don’t be afraid to swim in the water! Our bold grape neon cream is topped off with a sprinkle of orange to copper flakies and gorgeous shimmer that is bound to make you fearless!"

I don't think I would normally characterize this shade of purple as a typical summer color but it ended up being one of my favourites in the collection.  The copper flakes really stand out against the purple.  This was two coats but it was almost a one-coater.  

"Effortless and bright, our orange coral cream blended with gorgeous sparkly gold flakies and shimmer is the perfect accessory to any cocktail."

This one was brighter in real life than my camera would pick up.  It's a bright orange-leaning coral with gold shimmer and flakes.  This is two coats.  

"Turning up the heat with this effortless turquoise cream, blended with plenty of gold shimmer and color shifting flakies, that will remind you of the pool days ahead!"

Turquoise is easily my favourite nail polish color and this one definitely doesn't disappoint.  It's a slightly dusty turquoise filled with gold shimmer and flakes.  The formula was a bit thinner (like Beach, Please!) so I used three coats but one thick and one thin coat would've been fine.  

"Bold and effortless, our ultramarine cobalt blue features a linear holo with pops of accenting color shifting flakies, that is bound to be your partner in crime!"

Tide of Your Life is a bit different than the others since it has a scattered holo effect in addition to the light blue flakies.  Again it had a slightly thinner formula so I used three coats.  I did note that I had to be careful on the first coat since it did was to drag off a little.  

My personal favorites in the Nautical By Nature collection are Endless Stunner and I'm Jaws Sayin.  I love the contrasting base and flakie colors in them since it really makes the flakies pop and gives them a speckled look.  If you're interested in this collection, I'd say jump on it.  Currently when you purchase the entire collection, you save $5.25 but I don't know for how long...

$9.75/15 mL bottle
$63/collection (current sale price)
Available at Delush Polish

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