Wednesday, 15 June 2016

The Digit-al Dozen does Rainbows - Holo Rainbow Stamping Decals

Hey there!  Happy hump day!  Now normally I wouldn't use the term hump day but when I asked my sis which mani I should post today, she picked these "because it's hump day and these are humps".  I personally see them as rainbows, not humps, but I see where she's coming from.  These holographic rainbows were inspired by the first example I ever saw of someone making stamping decals.  I don't have an exact link but I know they came from Fab Ur Nails and they blew my mind!  They were also holographic rainbows and I'm forever in debt to them for showing me this awesome technique.  Since they were made with all holographic polishes I took all my pics in direct light so they look a bit different than usual.

The stamping image I used for these came from Vivid Lacquer VL-019.  The base I used is one of ILNP's Mega's.  I think it was Mega (X) but I also have the original so it could also be that one.  

To fill in the decals I used Cupcake Polish Pick Of The Patch, Don’t Worry, Bee Happy, Water You Doing? and Berry Good Looking as well as Celestial Cosmetics Tantrum and Adrenalin.  All that was finished off with HK Girl top coat.  

My macro shows these are far from perfect but doesn't all that sparkle look cool close up?  

For some more mid-week rainbows, check out the other ladies below.  There's some stunners in there!  

'Til next time...

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