Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Stamping over ILNP Brilliance

Hey there!  As I mentioned on Sunday, I've fallen back in love with flakie polishes after neglecting them for awhile.  For these ones I wore a flakie on it's own (without undies) and stamped over it.  There was something about this stamping image with the multi-chrome nature of the flakie that reminded me of Halloween.  It's a bit creepy eh?

Cathy of More Nail Polish posted her wearing ILNP's Ultra Chrome flakies on their own by sponging them on instead of painting them so I did that here with ILNP Brilliance.  It took about three rounds of sponging (and a lot of hair glue as a skin barrier) but isn't it so cool?!  You can even see a hint of blue at the edge of my ring finger!  

Over it I stamped a swirly image from Bundle Monster BM-418 with Mundo de Unas Black, finished with HK Girl top coat and I was good to go for the next day or two.  

Lastly, don't the flakes look cool in macro?  

'Til next time...

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