Thursday, 1 October 2015

A England To Emily Bronte Collection Swatches and Review

Nothing to Disclose

Hey there!  It's not secret that I love A England polishes.  Now anytime Adina releases a new collection, I don't even pretend to not need the entire thing.  As soon as Nail Polish Canada got them in I ordered them all up.  I received them yesterday and figured I'd swatch them all right away since I haven't seen too many posts about them yet and thought some of you might like to see them.

This collection is called "To Emily Bronte" - a love letter to a classic English author and poet.  I was never one for the classics when I was in English class back in the day so I can't comment on the names of these polishes and how they fit with the book.  I remember having a write an essay on Withering Heights and I did it with only reading the Cole Notes and paying attention in class...luckily I like the polishes more than the book!

I'll start by saying all the holos have A England's typical beautiful butter-y formula.  Heathcliff is a glitter in a tinted base but still applies really nicely, though less butter-y than the others.  All my swatches are 2 coats plus Seche Vite top coat (which did dull the holo a tiny bit).

Heathcliff - A black jelly base filled with microglitter.  The glitter appears to be mainly pink and blue with a finer gold glitter that adds a neat shimmer to the whole look.  I've never seen a glitter like this from A England.  While I do prefer her creamy holos, this one doesn't disappoint but it definitely needs top coat for a smooth finish.   

Kathy - a white/grey subtle holo with a slight purple tint.  We all know pure white holos are impossible so this one is more of a shimmer than a holo.  Unfortunately the shimmer is hard to pick up on camera but you can see it a bit in the second photo.  

Let Me In - a burgundy holo.  I'm torn about what color to call this.  It's not red, not purple so I'll call it burgundy.  It's gorgeous!  Even though I did two coats, only one coat was actually needed.   

Spirit of the Moors - a royal blue holo.  This one isn't quite as opaque as Let Me In or Wuthering Heights so it did need two coats.  This is my favourite of the bunch!  

Withering Heights - a purple-leaning grey holo.  I thought this one was the classiest looking of the collection.  Again, this one only needed one coat though I did two anyways.  I'm going to love this one for the grey winter days that are ahead.  

I hope you like these swatches as much as I like the polishes.  Which one is your favourite?

'Til next time...

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