Saturday, 17 October 2015

Fun with Flags - A Blogger Collaboration

Hey there!  Today we have a fun link up thought up by Dina of Secretary's Nail Art.  Her idea was to do a Fun with Flags link up a la Sheldon from Big Bang Theory.  I love the show and thought it was a great idea, especially because, as Dina puts it "we are all in this hobby together, and borders mean nothing."

I'm born and raised in the province of Alberta, Canada.  I'm sure everyone knows Canada is REALLY big.  We have 10 provinces and 3 northern territories which are still pretty big.  So although Alberta is just a small part Canada, it is still bigger than some countries (for example, it is slightly larger than France and significantly larger than the whole of Great Britain albeit with a much smaller population).  I've done nail art based on the Canadian flag before but never for Alberta's flag so that's what I'm bringing to you today.

As you can see in the photo above, Alberta's flag has a blue background (which I like to think represents our giant blue skies) with a coat of arms that depicts a of the physical characteristics of the province, topped with St. George's cross.

There was no way I could get all the components of the shield onto each nail so I split it up.  For the blue background I used KBShimmer Low and Be Bold and for the white I used Eyes White Open.  The grain nail (since Alberta is a prairie province we have a lot of golden wheat fields) was done with MoYou London Mother Nature -09 and Mundo de Unas Black and Yellow.

The middle nail is the part of the shield that represents the "rough prairie lands and the foothills" (according to Britannica).  There's no stamps that are even similar to this so I freehanded a decal for this one with Mundo de Unas Black, Light Grey and Green.

The ring finger represents our majestic Rocky Mountains.  I did that one with Born Pretty Store BP-45 and Mundo de Unas Light Grey, Dark Grey and white acrylic paint.  

The pinky is St. George's Cross which symbolizes the English settlement.  Canada is part of the British Commonwealth and a lot of the provincial flags mark that.  For this nail I used a red StripeRite striper.

In this final photo you can see a tiny bit of the Canadian flag which I put on my thumb.  For that I used UberChic Beauty 4-03 and the red striper but I have no idea what polish I stamped the maple leaf with...sorry!

Well that's all for this nail edition of Fun with Flags.  I hope you enjoyed it!  You can learn about more flags with the links below.

'Til next time...


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