Wednesday, June 10, 2015

The Digit-al Dozen does Fandom: Day 3 Mass Effect (and Dragon Age) Nail Art

Hey there!  As I alluded to on Monday, I have one Digit-al Dozen Fandom mani that I really know nothing about.  But when I was googling popular fandom's I saw a couple of video games on that list that a good friend of mine has been a Cinematic Designer on so I thought it would be fun to try to do something inspired by them...though my inspiration really just came from Google images since I have no firsthand experience with either of the games.  The game he likes more is called Mass Effect so that's what I've focused on here but there's also a Dragon Age-inspired mani at the end of this post as a bonus.

Even though I'm not personally a fan of this video game, I am a fan of my friend and when I texted him a picture of these he gave me his seal of approval so I'm actually really proud of these.  Thanks to him and the internet, I do know what these symbols represent...sort of.  Here's an example of his work if you'd like to see what the game is like.

I used all Sally Hansen InstaDri colors for this mani (plus white acrylic paint).  I used OMGhost (white) and Back to Black.  For the Renegade (star) symbol, I used a star-shaped Nail Vinyl and Rapid Red and then added the extra white lines with acrylic paint.  For the "N7" I used white acrylic paint and Rapid Red and for the blood stripe I used a white base and super skinny straight Nail Vinyls and Rapid Red and Back to Black.  And lastly I had to freehand the Paragon symbol (the hardest part of all) with Sally Hansen Brisk Blue.  And then I matted it with OPI matte top coat.  

I was a bit at a loss for what to put on my thumb because I thought I had already touched all the major Mass Effect symbols so I did this space image with Brisk Blue and white acrylic paint.  This turned out to be my favourite part of all of it!  

But before I even did the Mass Effect mani, I had tried a Dragon Age mani that I also wanted to share.  I started with A England Fated Prince and KBShimmer Eyes White Open.  I then stamped with a couple of images from Messy Mansion MM21 with Essie No Place like Chrome and MDU Red (#9).  I splattered the scales with A England Perceval and added a bit more to the dragon image because apparently Dragon Age is a massively bloody game...yuck!  

If you've ever played either of these games, I'd absolutely love to hear your thoughts on these!  Did I pass the gamer test?

Check out the links below to see how the lovely ladies of The Digit-al Dozen have interpreted our Fandom theme for today.

'Til next time...

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