Monday, 8 June 2015

The Digit-al Dozen does Fandom: Day 1 Kevin Smith

Hey there!  It's the start to a whole new Digit-al Dozen week and this one is going to be SO MUCH FUN!  This month's theme is Fandom which I took to mean a couple different things so I have a few mani's inspired by things that I'm a big fan of and at least one of something that I truly know nothing about but that is a popular fandom and I happen to be a fan of a guy involved in making it (more on that later this week, I guess).  But for today I have possibly my all time biggest fandom.  I'm a giant fangirl of the screenwriter/director/actor/podcaster/public speaker Kevin Smith (known to some for his recurring role as Silent Bob) so that's how I'm starting my Fandom week.

I've been a big fan of Kevin Smith since he first started with Clerks (though I had to battle hardcore to ever get to watch it...apparently my parents didn't approve of the salty language).  From then I was hooked and watched every movie he made (Chasing Amy will always be my favorite movie of all time) and went to all the Q & A appearances he's made here in Edmonton.  If you know Kevin Smith at all, he's often seen in a blue, orange and white hockey jersey, an homage to the old school Edmonton Oilers jerseys.  So this fandom is sort of a 2-for-1 in that I get to pay tribute to my favourite movie maker AND my favourite hockey team.

Nail-wise, I started these with a coat of white KBShimmer Eyes White Open.  For the Silent Bob nail, I painted the bottom 2/3 with OPI My Vampire Is Buff and then painted on his face and cap with black acrylic paint.  

I went with his jersey.  Again the white is KBShimmer Eyes White Open that I taped off with straight Nail Vinyls and filled in the pattern with blue (KBShimmer Low and Be Bold) and orange (Dance Legend 306).  I finished it with OPI matte top coat. 

These are up there with some of my favourite nail art I've ever done.  That's how big of a fan I am and will continue to be....without ever hitting creepy stalker level, I promise!

But I will stalk the lovely ladies below.  I can't wait to see what they came up with for the start of Fandom week.  You should stalk them too :-)

'Til next time...

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