Sunday, 7 June 2015

Hawaiian Flowers Over Blue Glitter

Hey there!  For this week's Sunday Stamping theme, we have a pretty open theme of "stamping over blue glitter".  Well I had just received my order with some of the new Bundle Monster Polynesia plates and I had this mani in mind from the second I ordered them so the timing was perfect for this prompt.

I actually used two blue glitters for the base of this.  I knew I wanted to use Pretty Serious Crystal Lake but didn't have time to do the 3-4 coats it takes to build it to opacity on its own so I started with one coat of a fine blue glitter polish from Born Pretty Store called BK03 (available here if you're interested since it's impossible to search for) and then added a coat of Crystal Lake to have some larger glitter pieces.  

Over the glitter I applied stamping decals made from Bundle Monster's BM XL-106 with Mundo de Unas Black, white acrylic paint and China Glaze Happy Go Lucky.  I immediately fell in love with these flowers.  And on the plate you can see that they're in the same organization as the Hawaiian islands.  Unfortunately I had to mess with it again to get them on my nails.

And, lastly, simply because I do love closeups of stamping over glitter, here's some Hawaiian flowers all up in your face.  Hope you like them!  

'Til next time...

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