Wednesday, 27 May 2015

UberChic Beauty UC 3-02 Stamping Plate Review

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Hey there!  Today I'm continuing on with my review of the latest UberChic Beauty stamping plate collection, Collection 3.  Today I have three designs I used from plate 3-02.  This plate has some really fine detailed etching so I wanted to test out a couple of those designs, as well as one of the bolder patterns on the plate.  Follow the jump to see all the details.

Below is a scan of the plate I received.  It has another two of UberChic's lovely flowers *swoon* as well as quite a few finely etched images.  It also one extra super large buffet-style image in the lower left corner.  I would say this is the largest buffet image UberChic has come out with so I definitely wanted to test it out.  The detailing on it is very intricate which is lovely but what I like best about it is that the entire image is very cohesive so you could really use any area of it while still keeping all your nails looking united.  It's not one of those plates where you really need to think about which section you're stamping which I definitely appreciate.  

The first look I'm going to show today turned out to be my favourite of the three.  I used the large chevron pattern from the lower right corner of the plate and Mundo de Unas Black to create decals that I just filled in with white acrylic paint.  The base color I applied them over is Misa Eye Candy, a shimmery orange-leaning red.  I love red, black and white together.  This image is a great example of how the UberChic images work no matter what size your nails are.  The image is large enough for super long nails but since mine are pretty short right now, I just trimmed the decal down but still retained enough of the stamping to get the look I wanted.  
(Mental note: don't use acrylic paint when painting this large of an area since the decals will tend to crack when applying.  How do I always forget that?!)  

For my second look, I wanted to use one of the fine images to see how well the detail transferred.  For these I used Loaded Lacquer No Bra as a base and then dabbed on a bit of Pipedream Polish's Ride The Boogie holo silver glitter.  Then I stamped the image with Rica Pinky Promise and finished with HK Girl top coat.  Even though my stamping has been super finicky lately (I blame the heat we've been having) the image still picked up great.  And again, this image can work with any length of nails.  I'm missing a lot of the image but it looks like this image was made for my length of nails!  

And finally, I had to test out the buffet-style image.  I used this one as an opportunity to also use the Mentality Neon Opaques I just purchased to see how they work for stamping with an image this fine. As you can see, I have no complaints about them.  I used Mentality Neon Opaque in Neon Orange-Yellow (thumb),  Red (pointer), Bright Red (middle), Magenta (ring) and Purple (pinky).  And finished with HK Girl.

Overall, while this plate does have a lot of super fine etching, I had very little trouble getting the images to work for me.  UC 3-02 is available in UberChic Beauty's Collection 3 which is currently available for $24.99 (plus $5 US shipping or $10 International shipping).  Follow her on Facebook and Instagram for updates and design examples.

'Til next time...

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