Sunday, 3 May 2015

Sunday Stamping - Birthday Plate Numbers

Hey there!  Today's Sunday stamping post has a kind of fun theme.  The challenge was to use plates with the numbers of your birthday month and day.  This was definitely a challenge for me since my birthday is 11/30 and there aren't a lot of plates that go up to 30.  But I was up to the task and came up with this fun mani.

For the base I started with white and then sponged on a few of the China Glaze Electric Nights polishes that I just (finally) got my hands on.  The ones I used are Daisy Know My Name?, Home Sweet House Music, Red-y To Rave, Glow With The Flow, Violet-Vibes.

For the stamping I used Born Pretty BP-11 for my pinky and pointer and Pueen30 on my middle and ring fingers.  For all of them, I applied them as decals because I am absolutely TERRIBLE at centering images and these images all need to be at least somewhat centered.  Then to finish I used HK Girl top coat.

It's definitely not the cleaning mani I've ever done but I was happy enough with how it turned out with my limited number of "30" plates.  

'Til next time...

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