Friday, 1 May 2015

Fruity Nail Stamping over Superficialy Colorful Tequila Sunrise

Press  Sample

Hey there!  When I posted the new Superficially Colorful Happy Hour swatches last week I mentioned that Tequila Sunrise was my favourite, right?  Well I did in fact wear it again with some stamping that would be just adorable in the later summer months.  Just looking at them again right now is making me crave a delicious fruity drink.  Yummy!

In case you didn't read the swatch post, all the Happy Hour polishes are textured thermals.  Tequila Sunrise, my favourite, is peachy orange when it's warm and red when it's cool so it creates a bit of a gradient on its own.  I used two coats of it for a base here.  Over a year ago I saw the amazing Didoline's Nails use this stamping image from Bundle Monster BM-308 over a textured polish and it stuck in my head so hard that I wanted to copy it here. For the stamping polish I used Mundo de Unas Yellow (#11) which helps make it look like delicious oranges.  To keep the texture, I skipped the top coat for this mani.

As I mentioned, this is a thermal polish so I thought I would also take photos in the separate states.  Below is it in its red (cold) state.

And here it is in it's warm peachy state.  Well at least it's MOSTLY warm.  My pinkies are always freezing compared to the rest of my fingers.  I learned that thanks to thermal polishes!  

These Happy Hour polishes, including Tequila Sunrise are super Limited Edition.  Once they're gone, they're gone forever because Jin isn't able to obtain more of the pigments used for this collection, so if you'd like to snatch one up, you can find it on the Superficially Colorful website here.  

'Til next time...

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